How To Set-up Whatsapp Auto-Reply Massage?

Whatsapp Auto-reply Massage Send Setup- Now a days people do not stop getting messages on WhatsApp. WhatsApp Auto-Reply is a very good feature in this. By which there is no need to reply by writing WhatsApp to reply to some of your messages. In this run-of-the-mill life, you cannot do Whatsapp chatting all the time.

If you are thinking like this. So that there is automatic reply of the incoming messages of your Whatsapp, then you have come to the right website. Today we are going to tell you the setup of Whatsapp auto-reply massage.

You don’t need to think much about it. All you have to do is follow our given steps and setup in your mobile. With the advent of mobile, human communication had taken a new path and became an important means of sms massage, but with the advent of Whatsapp, the world of communication has changed to a great extent.

WhatsApp par Auto Reply ke liya kya karna hoga?

Nowadays many applications are being developed for mobile in the market in which people are trying to make every impossible tiko possible and in such a situation you have to auto-reply your Whatsapp by using apps like AutoResponder for whatsapp and Auto-Reply for Whatsapp. You can send massage.

Benefits of Sending Auto-reply Massage?

Believe it or not, there are 30 advantages of message auto reply on WhatsApp, after enabling it, you will not need to reply by writing good morning good night messages every day, if someone says good morning on WhatsApp, then this WhatsApp auto reply The message of good morning goes through.

So with this you will not need to answer by writing by opening your WhatsApp to reply to good morning and good night in the morning and evening. If the video uses the sting feature, then you also need to send a message by writing to reply, but according to WhatsApp auto reply, you can easily setup a good morning good night or reply to any message, it will automatically The message reaches your friends.

How to set up Whatsapp Auto-reply?

Now you can setup auto reply not only in your WhatsApp but also in the message app of the phone, for this Google has given a feature, so the reply of the message coming on your phone will also be automatic.

How To Setup Whatsapp Auto-reply (No Root ,

Step.1 Go to Google Play-store in the search bar Auto Reply for Whatsapp Type karna hai. jisse aapke Samne Auto Reply Fir Whatsapp Apo Aa jayega is App to Download Karke Install Kar lena hai.

Auto-reply For Wp
Auto Reply whats

Step.2 Download karne ke baad Ab Simply App ko Open karna hai. Sabse pahle Mobile se Notifications Setting Enable karke Permission Dena hai.

Whats Massage send Automatically

Step.3 Now Enable karne ke baad ab Ek Popup note milega jisme aapko Apne Whatsapp ka latest version update Rahna Jaruri hai. Agar aapka Whatsapp Updated nahi hai to Pahle Google Play-store Se latest Version Up to Date kar lena hai.

Step.4 Ab yaha aapko Main Setting karni hai, Upar Aapko Received Massage Aur Niche Ek Reply Massage Ka Section Dikh raha hoga.

  1. Received Massage- In this you have to type this text message. which you receive. Or for which you want to give auto reply. For example, if someone messages you hello on WhatsApp, then if you want to setup it in reply, then you have to write it here.
  2. Reply Massage- Now if someone says hello to you in the received message. So what is his auto-reply to give? This is to text. And if hello message comes on your WhatsApp then you have to write Hi in reply.
Whatsapp Massage ka Automatically reply kaise kare

Step.5 Here you will see the option of Auto-reply for all messages, after enabling it, your WhatsApp will start replying to every user’s message.

Step.6 If you don’t want the auto reply option for certain people, tap on the Exclude Groups or Contacts option. Here you can enter the name of the groups and users you don’t want to auto text

Whatsapp ke sms ka jawab send

After this process your WhatsApp will automatically start auto replying.

Whatsapp Massage Auto Reply (Rooted Phone,

Above you have learned how to auto-reply Whatsapp Massage without rooting, now if you have rooted your phone. Or if your phone is rooted then you can setup your WhatsApp auto reply by following the steps given below.

Step.1 If your phone is Rooted and want to activate Whatsapp Auto-reply Massage. So first of all you have to install AutoResponder application in your phone. This application is free & paid dono. But we are providing the link of the free application. The paid app will be found by searching on aapko playstore.

Step.2 Now open the app, now it will ask for root permission, you have to allow permission. You will get the option of Enable / Disable, which has to be clicked on Ok.

Step.3 Now you will come to the accessibility setting where you will get the option of ChatBotLite, it has to be disabled.

Step.4 After enabling AutoResponder, to add Rule, you have to click on Rule Button, in which you have to add Rules of Whatsapp Auto-Reply message send, in which you get some option.

  1. Recieve Message- In this you have to enter the massage or word for which you want to give Auto Reply.
  2. Answer Message: Here you will enter the message or word that has to be given auto reply for Receive massage.
  3. Specific Contacts: If you want auto-reply message send to some contact from your contact list, then you can select that contact from this and otherwise keep this option empty, all will be auto reply.
  4. Ignored Contacts: Here you can select those contacts whom you do not want to send Auto-Reply Massage.

Now you have successfully setup. The way you have setup. Similarly, Whatsapp massage will continue to auto-reply.

Whatsapp SMS Reply Text Words

There is some word in WhatsApp against which you can set the message like you can see in the below given shelter.

Received MessageReply Auto-Reply message
Hi, Hey, HelloHello, Hi
Good Morninggood morning
good nightgood night
good afternoonGood Afternoon
Good Eveninggood evening
Kaise hoThik hai

You can setup your WhatsApp Auto-Reply in the same way as mentioned above.

I hope you must have come to know about setting up whatsapp auto reply. Keep visiting our blog to get more information like this.

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