how to report on facebook profile About Fake and Spam Account

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Report on facebook- In today’s information we are going to go. How to report someone’s facebook profile. If you are being harassed by a fake Facebook account or any person, or if you are being abused like abusive language, threats, then someone is harassing you by sending messages to you again and again. For anything, you can report that account to Facebook.


how to report on facebook profile

To report on Facebook profile, first of all, you must have any such information against him that that account is a fake account and that he is misbehaving with you when he is doing any work against the guidelines given against Facebook, then you can easily do that. can report from

  • To report on Facebook profile, click on the name of that profile in the News Feed, or you can search for it and go to the profile you want to report.
  • Now you have to click on ••• on the right side and click on the option of Find Support and Report Profile.
  • Now you will get some options by Facebook here where you have to choose a better option which is violating how Facebook’s community guideline is to be selected.
  • After choosing the right option, you click on it, after that you can see the guide line of Facebook in that topic there and you can report it finally by clicking on the submit button below.

Similarly, you can easily report anyone’s Facebook profile. If you have any kind of problem, you can ask by commenting below.

What happens if you report someone on Facebook?

If you have reported someone’s profile for any reason, then Facebook will review that profile and see that anywhere any kind of wrong photo name by this profile ID which has happened against Facebook’s community guideline, Facebook will give full information about it and if Something like this happens.

So Facebook will first give a warning to that profile Facebook ID that you have done this wrong thing, do not do it in future, if even after this, the CID person will also do something wrong i.e. abusing someone or someone is posting a wrong post and again someone reports If done, Facebook will ban or block this ID for a few days.

How to View Facebook Profile’s Report Status

If you have reported someone’s profile on Facebook, then you are given the option inside Facebook to go to the report status, all you have reported on Facebook, you will see it here, first you have to go to Facebook’s settings. Have to go After going to the setting, now at the bottom you will find a section of Support Inbox by rolling down that, click on it.

You can see inside the support inbox, the list of all that you have reported is found here, here you can write where you said whom when you have reported.

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