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What is Sandes app, How to Create Account in Sandes App

If you are a Smart Phone User then you must be using Instant Messaging Application, which is the most popular WhatsApp because its number of users is highest compared to other apps but due to the new WhatsApp Privacy Policy which came in January 2021, WhatsApp user Somewhere yours Concerned about privacy, in which WhatsApp has talked about sharing its data with Facebook.

,India has already banded many Chinese apps due to data share, in such a situation, after the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, many other application options have come up, in which Telegram, Signal App are the main but the people of India are still nowhere. Somewhere concerned about their privacy, the Government of India is there for all of them.


Has brought a ray of hope.The Government of India has launched an indigenous Instant Messaging App ‘Sandes’ under the National Informatics Center (NIC), which can be used by any government employee or public user. For this you must have a valid mobile number or email ID if you do not know what Sandes Application kya hai? Or Sandes App Download kaise kare? So read this post completely.

What is Sandes App and How to use it

What is Sandes Application?

Sandes is an indigenous instant messaging app made by the Government of India under Made in India, whose full name is Government Instant Messaging System (GIMS) developed by National Informatics Center (NIC), which can be used by any government employee or public user.

He only has one It is necessary to have a valid mobile number or email ID, in this app you get the option to transfer voice messages and media files along with chatting, for complete information about this app, you can visit its official website https://www.sandes.gov. You can check by going in .

How to Download Sandes Application?

Sandes is a messaging application that you can use on iOS, Android, Web, you will be able to download this application on your phone through the link Sandes App

You will get download links for Android and iOS or you can download them from App Store.

You can also download from Play Store, if you want to use on computer or laptop, then you have to go to  https://www.sandes.gov.in/its website and select Sandes Web option.

How to Create Account in Sandes App?

You can use the message on your mobile phone or computer, if you want to use it on mobile, then first you have to download its APK.

  • First of all visit this link https://www.sandes.gov.in/
  • Here you will get both Android and iOS files.
  • download the message application.
  • For first time sign-up Mobile No. or enter email id.
  • And then verify by OTP received.
  • After that fill your name, gender and basic information.
  • Accept the term and condition.
  • To use on a computer or laptop, if you go to its official website, then there you get three options to log in to the Sandes app, which are as follows:

How to Update Messaging Application?

There are two ways to update sandes application which are as follows:-

To update the application, you have to go to its official website www.sandes.gov.in/ you will have to download this app again.

Now these applications are also available on App Store and Play Store, from where you can update the app very easily by clicking on the Update option of the application.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sandes Messaging Application


  • The best part is that it is an Indian App.
  • This is a government application.
  • In this, special attention has been paid to the privacy of the user.
  • Here you get all the features of Instant Messaging Application.
  • You can use this application on Android, iOS, Computer.


This is a new application, so its users are less now.

How to talk to Chat Bot in sandes App?

In this app lot of feature of Chat Bot has been given so that you can ask any question and ChatBot answers your question. Often the feature of Chat Bot is not seen in most messaging apps but you have seen Hike messanger before.

You must have seen the feature of Chat Bot and now you will get this feature in Messages app as well Meets Chatbot is an artificial intelligence software that can have a conversation with the user in natural language through a messaging application.

If you want to use Chat Bot feature in Sandes App but you are not getting it feature of Chat Bot in the application then you can follow these steps.

  • First of all, open the Messages app on your device.
  • Click on the top 3 dots which you will see on the right side of the search box.
  • After clicking on the icon with 3 dots, you have to click on the option with Info Service, after clicking on Info Service, your Chat Bot will open and you can use it.

Sandes App FAQ’s In Hindi What is Sandes App?

Sandesh is a government instant messaging system developed by the National Informatics Center (NIC) of India.

Which country is Sandes App from?

Sandesh is an Indian Made in India instant messaging app developed by National Informatics Center (NIC).

Who can use Sandes App?

This app can be used by Government servant with his valid mobile number/email id and any public user can also be able to use this app.

Is the Messages app also available on the iPhone?

Yes, Sandes App is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Where can I get the Messages application?

For Android users, go to https://www.sandes.gov.in/dash/dlink and click on the Download button at the bottom of the Android tab.

For iOS users, go to https://www.sandes.gov.in/dash/dlink and click on the Download button at the bottom of the iOS tab, iOS users can also download the app directly from Apple’s App Store.

How many platforms is the Messages app available?

Messages app is available for 3 platforms iOS , Android and Web.

How can I update the message app?

Both Android and iOS users can update the Messages app by visiting this link https://www.sandes.gov.in/dash/dlink

What did we learn?

Here in this post we have told you that what is Sandes Application and How to Download Sandes App. If you are still worried about your privacy, then Message app is a good option because it is a government application, so it is more secure than other applications.

Conclusion In this article, we got information about Sandes App and saw what is Sandes App. But if we talk about the user interface and design of Sandes The user interface of Sandes App does not look so good user-friendly and attractive than Whatsapp, in such a situation.

If a user is asked to shift from Whatsapp to Sandes App, then any Whatsapp user can hardly go to Sandes except Whatsapp. Will use as an alternative to Whatsapp.

If the developers do a little more work on the design and user interface of this app, then perhaps this app can become India’s own Whatsapp! And as this app has been officially launched on the App Store of iOS, there is a great need to launch this app officially on Google Playstore because the number of Android users is much more than iOS in India.

Due to the fact that this app is currently available for Android users only on the official website of the government, many users are also facing trouble in downloading this app.

Even if some shortcomings of the sandes app are ignored, then this app can replace Whatsapp in India, but the need to promote it more by the government is being felt in the present times because many people are working on this app right now.

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