How To Buy Flipkart Gift Card E-voucher (Gift Card Offers)?

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In today’s information, we will talk about Flipkart Gift Card, what is Flipkart Gift Card, how to buy Flipkart Gift Card, we will know in detail about it.

When you are unable to reach someone’s wedding, birthday, then you can also send a gift to him online. For that you can also buy and send E-gift card through Amazon which is not included in Philips card.


In today’s digital world, gifts have also started coming in a digital way, as we give gifts to someone in a birthday anniversary wedding, similarly if you want to give a gift online, then you can easily give a Flipkart gift card.

What is Flipkart gift card?

This is a digital gift, which is available in the form of a gift card through Flipkart. You can send this gift card online as a gift to your friends or anyone. Digital e-gift card and physical gift card can be purchased through flip card.

Flipkart gift card Categories

  1. Flipkart Digital Occasion Gift Card– These gift cards are Birthday, Rakshabandhan, Aniversary, Congratulations, Thank You and Wedding Comes under gift cards.
  2. Flipkart Physical Gift Card- A physical gift card is a pay gift card that you order at the address you order.
  3. Flipkart Brand Gift CardThere are brand Flipkart gift cards which you take for any brand like Myntra, 1mg etc.

How To Buy Flipkart Gift Card?

If you want to buy a gift card through Flipkart, then for that you have been given the option in the Flipkart application where you can go and purchase a Philipcard gift card. Let’s know step by step how to buy gift card from Flipkart apps.

  • first you Flipkart App have to open.
  • up you now All Categories Go to the option.
  • where you Gift Card An option is available, click on it.
  • After which you will get all the categories of Flipkart Gift Card, select the type of gift card you want to buy. To know the gift card category, we have mentioned above.
  • As I want to send someone’s birthday gift, then I want to do Birthday Gift Card, then I go to the birthday option.
  • now after that you Gift Card Amount Enter the amount to buy a gift card of Rs. and given below Buy Now Click on the option.
  • As soon as you click on Buy Now, you get the option to fill the Receipter Details.
  • Note that here you have to check thoroughly to whomever you want to give this gift card, its name, email id and what message do you want to give through that gift card (eg Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday To you and I Love You etc.) Put it After that click on the option given below.
  • Now next you will come to the payment method, here you can also enter the address of whomever you want to give the gift card. And how you want to pay, select the third in minutes. And make the payment.
  • After which the gift cards will reach through that email (whose email has been entered) on his email and in the gift card of Flipkart Account.

So in this way you can gift anyone by purchasing Flipkart Gift Card online.

You can also claim / redeem this gift card for yourself if you are ordering. If there is any offer on it for discount or cashback, then buy the gift card first and apply the gift card while ordering, you will get the discount or cashback. Next we will also learn about how to redeem Flipkart gift card.

Let us now know from where else you can buy Flipkart Gift Card. friends who are popular UPI Application Phonepe And Paytm Through this you can easily buy Flipkart Gift Card.

flipkart gift card essentials

  • All Flipkart gift cards have different numbers and PINs.
  • Do not share your gift card number with anyone else.
  • Gift card has a valid time and can be redeemed within that valid time or that gift card or else the gift card will expire.
  • Some Flipkart Gift Cards will be the medium in the same brand for which they are purchased.
  • There are some gift cards that you can claim on any order.
  • If you have a gift card, you can send it to someone as a gift.
  • Flipkart Gift Card Refund is available in Flipkart Wallet and not transferred to your bank account.

What is Flipkart gift card number?

Flipkart Gift Card Number ATM Card/credit card Like there is a number which is different for all the cards, this number is the identity of his card. But after the gift card is redeemed, the entire data of the card gets destroyed. Gift card Redeem It is important to have a number while doing this, without the number you cannot claim / redeem any gift card.

How to find out what is Flipkart gift card pin?

Flipkart Gift Card PIN is a PIN Password. Which is the secret cigarette number of all cards, and you cannot redeem the gift card without this PIN.

So in this information, what is Flipkart Gift Card, how to buy gift card online. I hope you have understood this information, if you have any query related to this information, then you can comment below.

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