How to Port VI SIM to Airtel (Vi Number Port Full Guide)?

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Do you have to port Vi Sim to Airtel? In this information, we will tell how to do Vi to Airtel Port, as all the telecom companies have increased their recharge plan price. And now if you want to port Vi to Airtel, then what should be the plan for it, which plan is needed, how is the port done, you will know full details.

Port Vi sim to Airtel port full information

Earlier, if you had balance in your SIM, then you can send SMS by SMS. UPC Code You used to get it through SMS, but now if you have an Unlimited Plans plan and a message plan, then only you will be able to get the UPC Code by SMS.

If you want to go to port Vi sim to Airtel then first of all you have to get unlimited recharge plan or any SMS plan in your Vi SIM card. By which SMS is sent, only then your SIM will be able to port, then in most vi you have to recharge cheap SMS or unlimited plan, only then you will be able to send the message of the port. And you will be able to get the UPC code.

If there is a recharge plan, then you have to send it by writing PORT in capital letter in SMS. After which the UPC code is received in the SMS. Through that UPC code you can easily transfer in airtel.

For that, go to the nearest SIM card store and show the UPC code. There will be registration, after that you get an Airtel SIM card. After this, your old SIM will be on for a few minutes, after that as soon as it is turned off, your Airtel SIM has to be inserted and the SIM has to be verified when the network comes.

The number has to be verified by calling 59059 in Airtel. After the SIM is verified, your work is done. you have your vi number port in airtel have done it. To know this information in details, follow the steps given below.

Important things before doing Vi to Airtel Port

  • Your Vi number should be 3 months i.e. 90 days old, then only you will be able to port in Airtel.
  • There should be a free recharge plan or SMS plan on your Vi number from which SMS can be sent.
  • For porting the Jio number, the ID proof that you had in Vodafone Idea, you will also need to port it in Airtel.
  • The process of porting under some offers i.e., if there is an offer in Airtel, then the process of porting can be done for free, otherwise there is a charge for it.

Documents required to port Vi sim to Airtel

If you port Vi sim to airtel If you are doing, then the proof that you have put in Vodafone Idea. You will also have to give the same in Airtel and you can take a SIM on the basis of proof based on Voter ID, Driving License, Aadhar Card, Identity Card and Passport.

Port Vi Sim to Airtel- How to transfer VI to Airtel?

To go to port Vi to Airtel, first you must have an SMS recharge plan. Whatever is the lowest SMS recharge plan in Vi, get it done. So that SMS can be sent.

  • First of all, you have to go to the Messages app and write the port in capital letter from VI SIM and write the mobile number by giving space. Is. (PORT Now send this message to 1900. After the message is successfully sent, after some time the UPC code is received on your number by SMS.
  • This UPC code is your port number. With this code number, you can port your Vi SIM to any network BSNL, Airtel and Jio.
  • Now you have to go to your nearest BS store by taking this port number and talk for MNP port. There is some process, after completing the verification, you will get the Airtel SIM card.

Note that you have to carry the original document of your Aadhar card.

  • Now the last step is to verify the SIM, whenever the Vi number is turned off, you have to put the airtel number in your phone and when the network comes, you have to verify to activate the number. If the network comes in the Airtel number, then you have to televerify your number by calling 59059.
  • To verify, you will have to tell your details, the details which are in your Aadhaar, the same details will be asked to you, on asking, your SIM gets activated after giving your correct details.

In this way your VI To Airtel Port gets done successfully.

Which is the cheapest recharge plan for porting vi number.

If you want to port your vi to Airtel then the cheapest recharge plan for that is ₹ 129, it gets 20days unlimited calls and 100sms/day SMS and after making this plan you can send port messages. You can check whether the address plan has been updated.

What to do after porting from vi to airtel.

After Port Vi sim to Airtel is done, you have to activate your number, to activate you have to activate it by televerifying by calling 59059.

How much does it cost to port Vi to Airtel?

If there is a free MNP port offer in Jio, then you do not have to pay any money, if there is no offer then you will have to pay the SIM charge. To port from Vi to Airtel, you can get ₹ 20 to 100 or whatever plan you want.

What to do after the UPC code expires

If you sent a port SMS and received the UPC code message and you have not got your SIM ported before time, then your UPC code gets aspirated after which you have to send the port message again and ask for the UPC code

In how many days does the UPC code expire?

SIM port UPC code expires in 7 days.

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