How to Pc screen Rotate (Computer/Laptop Screen Rotate)?

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Pc screen rotate- Whether your Computer / Laptop screen has been rotated or you want to rotate the screen of your computer or laptop, then in today’s information we will tell such a trick through which you can rotate the screen of your computer or laptop from right to left, up and down. can.


It’s just for fun that no one runs reverse scan but you must know this information and setting. And yes, if this computer laptop pc screen rotate by mistake due to your keyboard, then there is no need to take tension, 1 minute will also know about how to fix it.

Pc screen rotate- How to Rotate Computer/Laptop Screen?

The opposite is to fix the computer or laptop screen, press the Ctrl and Alt key in your keyboard and simultaneously press the arrow key, the computer and laptop screen will be fixed.

Sometimes when the keyboard button is pressed while running the computer, the screen of the computer has turned upside down, so there is no need to panic about this sudden change, it has happened due to the setting of your computer.

Is your computer screen turned upside down?

Having a computer / laptop screen is not a big problem, you can correct it in 1 minute. If your computer screen is turned upside down like this image, then just follow this step-

of your keyboard Ctrl And Alt Press the key and simultaneously press the arrow key, your computer screen will be fine.

How to Rotate pc screen (Computer/Laptop Screen in Windows 11)?

There have been many changes in the latest version of Windows, Windows 11, in which we saw that the computer / laptop pc screen rotate through the keyboard is not working or work in further updates, for this we can also go to the settings and change the screen of the computer or laptop. can rotate. Let’s know. How to pc Rotate Screen in Windows 11?

Step.1 First of all right click with computer mouse where you have to Display Settings to go on.


Step.2 Inside Display Settings you will find Display Orientation There you can see an option of . All the options for rotating the screen are available.


Step.3 In Windows 11, the option of Landscape, Portrait is given to rotate the screen.

So in this way you can easily rotate the screen of your computer or laptop.

I hope that you have understood the information about Rotate pc screen (Computer/Laptop Screen Rotation). If you also have any query related to the information, then you can ask us by commenting below.

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