How to make Photo Signature And Thumb for filling the form?

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When we apply a form online, it definitely asks for Photo Signature and Thumb, so in today’s information we will know how to make photo signature and thumb in 50 KV or 100 KV to apply the form, this process you can do on your mobile. Can do by phone. In applying some forms, photo, signature asks for 100kb.

If the size of your photo is more than 100 kb then it will not be uploaded which you will not be able to fill us. And after applying some forms, the size of the photo should be less than 50kb, then in this world you will know the complete information about how to make your photo size 50kb or 100kb.

Photo Signature and Thumb

Here we will learn about how to make passport size photo, signature and thumb thumb in your mobile in 50 kv or 100 kv to apply form. On applying some forms, the size of the photo is 10 kb or 20 kb also. So if the size of our photo will not be as mentioned in the form, then the photo will not be uploaded, which causes problems because when we click the photo from the camera, its size is very high, 1 MB becomes 2 MB in size. .

Before reducing the photo size, it is necessary to change the background and crop it.

To apply the form, whichever photo has to be uploaded, first you have to capture its photo in your camera and after it is captured in the mobile of your camera coming, that photo has to be cropped. If you want to group the passport size photo or reduce the size of the signature, then capture the signature photo in the mobile and crop it finely.

After the photo signature and thumb is cropped, you can reduce its size, dimensional, dpi and length, width everything online or offline.

After cropping the photo properly, change the background of the photo because if you want to upload it while applying any form to make the photo passport size photo, then the photo should be clearly visible to you and the background should also be clear. For this you can easily change the background of the photo, for that we have told in our previous information.

How To Create Photo Signature And Thumb For Form Filling

The best way to reduce the size of any photo is to upload the photo online and select its size or the process becomes very easy online. So let’s know how to create photo, signature and thumb online and how to reduce its size.

  • First of all you have to go to a website which is a very good website where you will get all the features to make any of your photo signature and police stations and can upload it anywhere in any form. Click
  • After the website is opened, the option of click here to upload is available, clicking on it has to upload the photo.
  • As soon as the photo is uploaded, below you get the option to change its size, according to the form, select the photo, signature and thumb size as much as you want.
  • After selecting the size, now click on apply, after that the size of the photo gets customized and it has to be downloaded by clicking on the download button.
  • After downloading, you can see its size in the properties, how much is the size. Just your work is done online, now you can upload it in any form and apply it in your form.

How To Create Photo Signature AND Thumb For Form Filling (Offline)

If you are not able to do online or process then you can also line up but for that you need to have mobile app. In this information, we will tell you about such a way, which reduces the size of your photo signature and money very easily, you can reduce the size as much as you want.

  • So first of all you have to click on the link given below photo resizer app have to download.
  • After downloading the photo resizer app, you have to select your photo, signature or thumb and select its size and click on the compressor button given below.
  • As soon as you click on the compress button below, the size of your photo is reduced, save it in your gallery and you can upload it while applying any form.

How to make photo under 50kb?

If while applying to a phone, it has been asked to upload the size of the photo within 50kb, then in both the above mentioned methods, after you increase the maximum size to 50kv, the size of your photo becomes less than 50kb.

How to make photo under 100kb?

If while applying a form, it has been asked to upload the size of the photo within 100 kb, then in both the online and offline methods mentioned above, you can recharge the size of the photo by selecting 100 kb, your photo size is 100kb. is formed inside.

How to Change Photo Format?

If while applying a form, the format requirement of the photo is JPG PNG JPEG, then in the photo format, you can select the format as per your requirement and change it.

I hope that you have understood this information about making our Photo Signature and Thumb, if you have any query related to this information, then you can ask by commenting below.


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