What is Google Drive, How to prepare Contact, photos and Documents Backup in G Drive?

Google Drive is a great online cloud storage service created by Google. In which you can easily back up your data, Google provides you 15GB of Free Cloud Storage Service, through which you can easily back up all your photos, documents, media files in it.

So in today’s information, we will know what is Google Drive service and how to backup data in Google Drive. You must have seen the Google Drive app on your phone. It comes freestyle in all Android phones, which you get inside any smartphone of Google’s Android.

Google drive service kya hai, Google drive me photos Documents back-up kaise Lete hai.

Because friends, this is Google Drive, a service made by Google, in which we can save all our contact files and media files. And if you have Google’s security in it, then you can save your file without any problem.

What is Google Drive How to make Data Backup in Google Drive

Google Drive is a service of Google. In which you get 15 GB of free cloud storage in which we keep our data like contact number photos documents media files online by saving them.

But if you need more than 15 GB of data cloud storage, then you have to take a membership of Google for this, for this you have to pay a little money too. But if you have less than 15gb tata then you don’t need to worry google drive provides 15gb cloud storage free on 1 gmail id.

What is Google Drive service?

Google Drive is a great online storage service in which we can save our pictures document contact number or any file easily and securely. When you upload and take your media files or other files in Google Drive, your file is completely saved in your Google Drive ie Gmail.

Who to take Google Drive Data Backup (Contact,photos Documents)?

If you want to back up any of your data manually in Google Drive then you have to follow the steps given below.

Step-1: First of all, you have to open your Google Drive app.

Step-2: As soon as you open your Google Drive app, you will see the option as shown in the image below, you have to click on the plus icon.

Google drive service kya hai, Google drive me photos Documents back-up kaise Lete hai.

Step-3: As soon as you click on the plus icon, many options will appear in front of you, which you can see below.

  1. Folder- If you want to create a folder in Google Drive, then you have to click on the folder icon, after which you will be able to create a folder and save your data in it.
  2. Upload- If you do not want to save any of your files or data in any folder, then click on the upload option and select your data, after that your data is saved in the root directory of Google Drive ie uploaded.
  3. Scan- In Google Drive, you also get the option of this n if you click on its option. You can keep any of your documents scanned and Google Drive scans your document into pdf.
What is Google drive service

So if you want to back up any of your data, if you want to take it in a folder, then first create a folder by clicking on the folder. After that you have to click on the upload option. After that select your file or photo or any document. After which your data will be backed up in Google Drive and you can see about it in the notification above.

How to Restore Google Drive Backup?

If you have created a backup in your Google Drive and now you want to restore any photo or document in your Google Drive to offline internet storage. So for that the option of downloading in Google Drive is also given, you can easily download any file.

To download any file, click on the 3 dot given on the right side of the file. Where you get the option to download, click on it. After which your data file is downloaded to your phone storage.

How to take backup of Whatsapp in Google Drive?

Do you know that you can backup WhatsApp to Google Drive online. If you do not know, then we will tell you how to backup WhatsApp data to Google Drive.

WhatsApp is used by all smartphone users nowadays. But some people do not know how to back up WhatsApp data. WhatsApp’s data backup is only in Google Drive and you know there is a cloud storage on Google Drive.

Step.1 To make a backup of the entire data of your WhatsApp in Google Drive to go to Google Cloud Storage, you have to go to your WhatsApp.

Step.2 whatsapp key Setting In this you get an option of chat, you have to go to it. where you Chat Backup An option is available.

Step.3 You can see by clicking on the option with Chat Backup Google Account You have to link your Google account by clicking on it.

Step.4 After the Google Account is linked, you will have to Backup Click on the option. After which the complete data backup of your WhatsApp will start in Google Drive. After the WhatsApp data backup process is completed, all your WhatsApp data is stored online in Google Drive.

Even now, you will install your WhatsApp anywhere, ie if you re-install and register, then there will be an option of backup, by clicking on which you can restore the backup of the entire data of WhatsApp by entering your Gmail ID.

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