How to Link Email Id In Facebook Account?

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how to add email id in facebook hello friends in today’s information we are going to know how you can add email id in facebook account how to link your email id with facebook you will know the complete process and your email in facebook Will also tell you about the benefits you will get by adding ID.


If you have created your Facebook ID from any number and if that mobile number does not remain with you or is lost. So in such a situation, you may have a lot of problems in opening that Facebook ID or if you want to reset the password, then without coming to that number, your password will not be reset even without One Time Password (OTP).

If you have added email id in your Facebook account then it becomes very easy then at this time you will be able to login your Facebook ID not only with mobile number but also with email ID and click on email to reset password. You will also be able to reset the password with OTP.

how to change email id from facebook

If you have a question about changing the mail id from Facebook, then a post has already been put for that. If you want to change the email ID linked in your Facebook, then you can do so by reading that information and following its steps. For that click on the link given below and if you still don’t have any email id link on your facebook then continue read the information below you step by step how to add email id in facebook.

how to link email id in facebook

Linking email id in Facebook is not a big deal, you can do it easily from your mobile or computer laptop. So friends, let’s talk about how to link email ID in your Facebook ID.

step 1 First of all, you have to open your Facebook account and click on the 3 line shown in the top right side.


Step-2 After that scroll down where you will get an option of setting, click on it. After that you get the option of setting another below, click on it.


Step-3 After that, now you get a separate section of the account setting, here you have to first click on the personal information option given above.


Step-4 After that here you get the option of name, contact account, here you have to click on contact information.

Step-5 After that you can see that you will see your linked mobile number here with which you have created your Facebook ID. But we have to link the email id here. So for that you have to click on add email address below.

Step-6 After that you will get an option where you have to enter your email id and the option will be given below to enter the password, you have to enter your Facebook password there and simply click on edit email button given below.


Step-7 Your email id is linked as soon as you click on edit email. But for that you also have to confirm like you click on confirm. Then you will be sent a code by Facebook on that email id which is a confirmation code.

Step-8 You go to your email id and confirm by entering the confirmation code sent by Facebook here, after entering the court, your email id is linked in your Facebook account.

So now friends, you can also login to your Facebook account with this linked email id, so in this way you have linked the email id in your Facebook. I hope you have understood this information or have any questions related to any information, then definitely tell us by commenting.

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