How to Hemoglobin Test (Sahli’s Method)?

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Hemoglobin Test is the most common test of blood. It is generally included in all the tests. If you are a Lab Technician then you would know that Hemoglobin is also called Short Form HB. And in this information, we will tell you step by step complete information about how to do HB test.

Hemoglobin is a protein whose important function is to carry oxygen from the lungs to all the organs. For more information about Hemoglobin, take a pad by visiting the post given below.

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Hemoglobin Test Instrument (Requirement)

To test hemoglobin, you must have a test instrument, only then you will be able to do the test. You can see the names of the instruments mentioned below.

  1. Test Tube
  2. EDTA or Whole Blood Tube
  3. Mixing Glaas Rod
  4. Sahli’s Haemoglobinometer
  5. HB Test Tube
  6. N/10 HCL
  7. Tissue Paper
  8. Dropper
  9. Micro Pipette
  10. Bruss
  11. distilled water

How to do HB (Hemoglobin) Test.

The amount of hemoglobin in the blood is checked through the hemoglobin test. After which it is known that how much hemoglobin is in your blood.
Due to more or less amount of HB in the blood, many disorders can arise in your body.

Hemoglobin Blood Sample

For Hemoglobin Test, first you have to take a sample of the patient’s blood. Follow the steps given below to take the sample
First of all, from where you have to take a blood sample in the skin, it has to be cleaned with Antiseptic. And take a sample of blood.

If you have to take a blood sample only for Hemoglobin Test, then after cleaning the skin, with the help of Syringe, pinch it in any finger of the left hand, after which the blood starts to flow, the sample can be taken in the pipette itself.

If you have taken a blood sample, then you have to take a clean and dry test tube next and mark the numbering in the test tube. And using Micro Pipette to put 300ul (0.3ml) N/10 HCL in the test tube.



Now take 0.02 ml Blood Sample in a clean thoroughly clean Hemoglobin Pipette. The blood sample taken in the pipette is to be mixed in the HCL of the test tube.

Now the test tube has to be kept in the Test Tube Rack for about 10 minutes, which will make 95% Acid Haematin.

After this you have to put Blood and N/10 HCL Solution in Test Tube with the help of Dropper or Micro pipette in HB Test Tube.
Wash with 2-4 Drop Distilled Water in the Test Tube and put it in the HB Test Tube

Now mix the HB Test Tube well and compare it with the 2 given Hemoglobin Staderd Rod Sample in the Hemometer, you have to dilute (mix) by adding Distilled Water to it until it matches.
Seeing this process in a good light has to be done. And at which point the color becomes the same, you have to note down that point. (Note the point only after being 100% sure)

To note the point, note the reading from the lower surface of the blood in the HB test tube and the point should be written in gm%.

In this way you can test Hemoglobin very easily. If this process seems a bit long to you, then you should follow the steps given below in short. In which all the above steps have been described in short.

How to do HB Test Short Note

  1. First of all, 0.3ml N/10 HCL is to be taken in HB Test Tube with the help of Micro Pipette.
  2. After that 0.02ml of blood is to be taken in HB Pipette, the blood of which HB is to be tested. And it has to be dilute in N/10 HCL taken in HB Test Tube
  3. After dilute, mix well.
  4. Now Distilled Water is to be poured in HB Test Tube. And to compare with the 2 standard rod sample given in the hemometer. Distilled water is to be poured until the rod starts matching with the color of the sample.
  5. The reading of HB Test Tube has to be noted after matching with the sample color. Which you have to note in % percent. Which will be the hemoglobin of that blood.

In this way, you have learned to check hemoglobin, if you want to ask something related to this information, then you can ask by commenting. And you must share this information on social media like Whatsapp and Facebook.

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