How to Download Shorts Video from Youtube?

Download Shorts Video from Youtube- YouTube has been the most popular video platform in the last few years. Here you can watch all types of videos. And you can watch long video formats from a few minutes to hours on YouTube.

But time changes. YouTube has come up with a platform for short videos for video creators, who watch short videos in applications like Instagram reels, MX taktak, Josh, after the ban of Tik Tok sometime back. But YouTube has also come up with a platform for short videos where you can make a short video.


There is a separate tab of Shorts Videos on Youtube, where you can watch the never ending short videos. In today’s information, we are going to talk about how YouTube’s Shorts Video Download is done.

Often there are some videos that you want to keep offline and share some videos, but for that it is necessary to download that video in your smartphone, along with there are some such videos. Which you want to watch offline and download and keep in your phone.

Android and iOS How to Download YouTube Shorts Video?

With this method you do not need to download any application on your Android or iOS device. There are many such websites available on the internet. Where you can easily download YouTube Shorts Video and from there you can save the downloaded video in your gallery. Which you can later watch offline or share anywhere, and through this website, you get many sizes to download YouTube Shorts Video.

Without wasting much time let us know how to download Shorts Video from youtube.

1. First of all open YouTube and click on the share icon of the short video you want to download and copy the link.


2. Now open any browser on your smartphone or PC and in that browser open any website given below.

3. Now paste the copied link in the short video and click on the download button.


4. As soon as you click on the download button, many regulation formats of that video come in front of you, in whichever format you want to download, click on it and click on download given below.


5.After which you can watch the video will be downloaded and it gets saved in your gallery.


In the same way, you can download videos from YouTube through the website in the browser in the counter in any device laptop and Android and Apple will come.

Youtube Shorts Video Download

Friends, YouTube also has the option to download YouTube videos. But no option has been given to download YouTube Shorts Video, still do not worry. We will tell you such a trick, through which you will get the option to download Shorts Video in YouTube. Which you can download and keep offline. Let us know how to download YouTube short videos.

1. First you go to that short video of YouTube and click on the share button, after that you have to copy the link of that YouTube sort video.

2. Now click on the search icon of YouTube and paste the copied link on it and from behind that link? Till remove the world. As you can see in the image below.


3. Search this link, that short video of YouTube will come in front of you. Now click on the given 3 dots of that video and download the shorts video of that YouTube by clicking on the download option where you can watch and download.


So in this way you can download and keep youtube short video, you can watch it offline but note that the short video downloaded in youtube is valid for 30 days after which you will have to download again.

But through the first trick mentioned on this website page, you can download YouTube Shorts Video and keep it in your memory card, share and watch it anytime anywhere.
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