How to Deactivate VI Call Forwarding

Today we are going to talk about how to deactivate VI call forwarding, what is VI Call Forward, vi call is forwarded to another number. So how to remove it? If you use VI number in your mobile then this information is for you. you Activate call forwarding And be aware of VI Call Forwarding Deactivate.

If you use Wi sim card. If you want to remove call forwarding on your SIM. That is, if the call is forwarded to some other number, then if you want to stop it, then how can you do it.


Let us know that there are two ways. About going to the setting and doing it through the code, the setting is different in all the phones, so I will tell you how to Deactivate VI Call Forwarding in any company’s phone.

How to Deactivate VI Call Forwarding

There are two ways to Deactivate VI Call Forwarding You can turn off forwarding on your VI number in two ways. The first way is to turn off call forwarding by going to VI Call Forward Settings. Another way is to close Vi Call Forward through USSD Code, then both of us will know step by step how to close call forward.

What is VI Call Forwarding

We have given our previous information about what is call forwarding. If you have read that information then you must have known, what is call forwarding. But in this information we will know about how to turn off VI Call Forward, this means that if you have diverted your call to any other number, then about removing it.

If you have Wi sim and you have diverted calls in that sim. So whatever call will come. It will be forwarded to your dialed number so if you do not want your call to be diverted to any other number then you can turn off Vi Call Forwarding for that.

How to Deactivate Vi Call Forwarding?

In this article, we will know how to deactivate VI Call Forwarding through mobile’s setting, if you have a VI SIM.

1.Go to Mobile call dialer App

Own Call Dialer App Go in, now Google dialer app comes in all smartphones, then the setting of all smartphones will be normal, which I am going to tell you here.

2.Click on Call Setting

In the call dialer app, you will see 3 dots on the top, click on it OK Settings Click on the option.

3. Go to the option of Calling Account

As soon as you click on the setting opportunity. After that you get many options. Calling Account Click on the option available.

4.Go to Carrier call setting

As soon as you click on the calling account option, a new option will appear in front of you, you have to click on the option of Carrier call setting given below.

5.Go to Call Forwarding

As soon as you click on the option of Carrier Call Settings. You get the option of Call Forwarding, click on it.

6.Select Call forward option (Video or Voice)

After that you get two options in front of you. Voice call forward and video call if or want to turn off voice call forward. So go to Voice call forwarding and if you want to turn off video call forwarding then go to Video call forwarding.

7.All Call Forwarding option

On clicking on the option of call forwarding, all the options of call forward will appear in front of you as you can see in the image.


Here I have forwarded the call to my other number with the option of When Unreachable. This means that when someone calls my Wi number and there is no network in my number then that call will be diverted to my other number.

So to stop forwarding the call, disable it by clicking on the enable option in front. Once disabled, your call forwarding stops.

8.Save Call Forwarding

After entering the number, click on the option given above. After which your call will start being diverted to the given number.

This is how you can turn off your Vi Call Forward. Hope you have understood the information, let us now know how to Deactivate VI Call Forwarding through code.

Vi call Forwarding Deactivate USSD Code

Let us now know how to turn off Vi Call Forward by USSD Code. If you are not able to forward Vi Call through setting. So I will tell about Vi Call Forward USSD code there are some such codes. Which you can dial and turn off Jio call forward.

To apply through VI Call Forwarding Deactivate Code, first you have to open the phone dialer app. Now you have to select the option for which you want to close the call forward from the code given below. Enter that code and dial it from the Vi number. Call forwarding will be turned off.

  1. Allways Forward– If you have transferred all the calls coming on your number to your other number, then you have to turn it off. ##002# Code has to be dialed.
  2. When Busy– If you want that when you are busy, then the calls coming to your number are diverted to another number, then you have to turn it off. ##67# Have to dial the code
  3. When UnansweredSometimes it happens that we call on any number. Due to which we do not get any answer, so if the call coming in this situation is getting diverted to another number, then to turn it off ##61# Code has to be dialed.
  4. When Unreachable– If you have diverted unreachable calls to your VI number. so to close it ##62# Code has to be dialed.

In today’s information, we have learned about two ways to turn off Vi Call Forward, the first is how to Deactivate Vi Call Forwarding through setting. second USSD Code How to Deactivate Vi Call Forwarding through I hope that you have understood this information of ours, if you have any query related to this information of ours, then you can ask us by commenting below.

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