How to Crop Video (PC, Android, iPhone)?

Video Crop- Hello friend, in today’s information we are going to talk about how to crop video, how to crop video. How to crop any video and reduce its size. In this complete information, how is the video crop done in computer laptop ie PC. And how to do video crop through mobile, we will talk about both the ways.

So in this way if you have computer or laptop then why can you crop any video in it too and if you have android smartphone or iPhone then how to crop video in that too. Will talk about that too.

And will tell you about some such applications which work very well in cropping videos.

Videos crop

It is very easy to crop any video in your phone just by following our instructions Apps Ko Download Have to do After which you will be able to crop any video easily. If you are searching on internet.-

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So you will get the answers to all the above questions in this information, you just have to read this information completely.

How to Crop Videos in Computer/Laptop?

If you have Windows ie computer or laptop. And you want to crop any video through your PC. So you can do this for free.

Filmora Video Editing

You have to download free video editing software named Filmora on your Windows PC. This software has to be installed after downloading. In which you get the feature of cropping videos.

Filmora is a software that Windows PC is available for free. Which you can easily download by searching in Google. It has a very easy way to edit the video.

VLC Media player

But do you know what, VLC Media Player You can also convert, crop any video from Bilsi Media Player is also a very good PC software. In which you get many features. With its help, you can also record PC screen. And VLC media player is considered to be the best software to play any video.

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How to Crop Videos in Android Mobile?

There is most android phone in the whole world and android has many such applications for each and every task. With whose help everything gets done. for android users Google Play Store There are many applications available to crop videos. by which you Adroid Mobile I can download and get any video easily.

Crop and Trim Video

You can download the above apps for cropping videos through Android mobile. This application of Android has been given the feature to not only complete the video but also trim the video.

How to Crop Video in Apple iPhone?

if you Apple iPhone User is. So in that too you do not need to take Tention. There are many applications available for you to crop the video in the iPhone as well.

Video Crop App

You can crop and resize any video through this Video Crop app of iphone.

How to Crop Video in Windows Phone?

It’s also easy to crop Windows Lumia Phone User Video, Microsoft’s Windows Lumia Phone I can also crop video using Video Crop App.

Video Tuner

Video Tuner is the best app. To edit videos, in Video Tuner, you get many more features along with Crop Videos. Many features have been given like adding music to video, trimming video, video filter, mirror, rotation and slow down speed.

So in this complete information you have learned about video cropping. To get more information like this, keep visiting our website.

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