How to Change Primary Bank Account and New Bank Account Link in Zerodha?

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In today’s information, we will talk about how to change primary bank account of Zerodha Payment. You must know that a new bank account is linked upon arrival, so how can you change that primary bank account. You will know about this in full detail.


How to Change Primary Bank Account in Zerodha?

To change the primary bank account in Zerodha kite, you can do it through mobile app or web browser.

  • First of all go to Zerodha app and login. afterwards Zerodha Dashboard gets open where you all Smartwatch will appear.
  • down you now Profile The option of will be visible, click on it.
  • After that in the profile option you will have to Manage Account You will get the option to click on it.
  • After which it redirects to your Browser Open this page as you like by selecting Google Chrome browser.

To change the primary bank account in Zerodha, it is necessary to have desktop mode. Because some website options are not supported in mobile browser. in chrome browser on mobile Desktop Mode has given. Due to which you get the web page of Zerodha Console open in desktop mode and if you have a computer laptop then it is easily done in it.

  • After this, you have to go to the menu option on the left side of the website page and click on the bank option.
  • After which you can see that your Primary Bank Account Linked will appear, so if you want to change the bank account, then first of all Add Bank Account There is an option to click on it.
  • After which a new page will open in front of you where you will get the details of your new bank account. ACCOUNT number twice more IFSC CODE Enter it and click on the option given below.
  • after which a Proceed to e-sign You have to click on it and after that a new page gets opened, here you have to enter your Aadhaar number and click on Send OTP.

Note: You must have your Aadhaar linked mobile number with you.

  • After which OTP confirmation will be done, after OTP verification, your bank account is linked. That is, a new bank account has been linked in Zerodha, now if you want, you can change it to the primary bank account. The primary bank account gets changed.

So in this way you can change Zerodha Primary Bank Account by following step by step, if you have any kind of problem in changing Zerodha Primary Bank Account, then definitely tell by commenting below.

If you want, you can also link two bank accounts. You can easily link the bank account in Zerodha by visiting the Zerodha Console page, adding your bank account details and verifying Christian and OTP Aadhaar.

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