How To Cancel E-Ticket and Counter Ticket (Unreserved Reserved)?

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Cancel E-Ticket-India is the largest country in terms of population. There is about 250 crore population in India, out of which about 120 crore population travel in train daily, out of which 10 crore people are such that they have to cancel their journey after taking train tickets and out of those 10 crore people, about 20 million people.

There are such people who do not get their train tickets canceled even after the journey is cancelled, because they are not even aware that we can also get train tickets canceled. In today’s post, I am going to tell you all how to cancel train tickets.

Ticket cancel kaise kare

Cancellation of Railway Ticket is not a difficult task, if you have a counter ticket i.e. you have taken a ticket from the station, then it will have to be canceled by going to the station counter itself. But if you have Ticket Online (E-ticket), then you have to cancel it online only. After completing this information, you can know the complete details about it.

Normally train tickets are of 2 types.
1. Unreserved ( unreserved )
2. reserve (Reserved)

1. How to Cancel Unreserved Ticket?

Here first of all I am going to tell you about canceling the unreserved ticket because most of the people travel in train with this ticket. First of all let me tell you that unreserved ticket is valid till 12 midnight. This means that if you have missed your train by mistake, then you can travel in any train going on that route on that day.

But if you have to cancel your journey for any reason and you want to cancel the ticket, then you will have to come back to the railway station and go to this ticket counter from the ticket counter from which you bought the ticket. There you have to ask the ticket master to cancel the ticket. Ticket Master will take your ticket back and give you the cost of that ticket.

Cancel Chargee:- Rs 10 is charged for canceling unreserved ticket. Which the ticket master gives you immediately by reducing the ticket price.

2.How to Cancel the Reserved Ticket?

Now if we talk about the reserved ticket, then the reserved ticket is canceled in 2 ways.
1. Manully (Counter Ticket)
2. Online ( E-Ticket )

1.How to Cancel E-Ticket and Counter Reserved Ticket?

First of all we know about canceling the ticket manually. To cancel the reserved ticket, you will have to come to the railway station and go to the reserved ticket counter. Reserved ticket counter and unreserved ticket counter both are different. After going to the counter, you have to ask for ticket cancellation. Then the ticket master will give you a form to fill.

You will have to write all the information related to your journey on that form like train number, date of journey, train time, all this in the form. After filling the form, you have to give the form to the ticket master. The ticket master will give you money by canceling your ticket.

ChargeOn canceling the reserved ticket, a charge of Rs 60 to Rs 80 is levied. The ticket master will give you your money after deducting the cancellation charge from the ticket price.

2.How to Cancel Online Reserved E-Ticket :-

It was a matter of canceling manually, but if we now talk about how to cancel online ticket, then it is completely different from manual ticket cancel. Only those tickets can be canceled online, which we have booked ourselves online tickets. If you have booked a ticket through any medium or shop, then you can get it canceled by contacting it.

Step.1 To cancel e-ticket online, we have to login to our IRCTC account from which we booked the ticket online.

Step.2 own IRCTC After logging into your account, you have to go to the option of My ticket. There you will get the option of Cancel ticket. You click on the option of that cancel ticket. Your ticket will be cancelled.

Charge & time:- There is also a charge of Rs 60 to Rs 80 for online cenciling. Your money will come to your bank account within 24 hours of canceling the online ticket. If for some reason you are not able to get your money back, then you can ask by calling the helpline number of IRCTC. You will get the helpline number by searching on Google. So in this way you can cancel your train ticket.

How to Cancel e-Ticket through Mobile Call SMS?

Yes, now you can cancel Counter Ticket sitting at home. You just have to call the Railway Department from your mobile.

Step.1 First of all you have to call on 139 from your mobile. Keep in mind that you have to call from the same number. The number that you filled in the form while making the ticket reservation.

Step.2 In the option of calling, you have to press 6 numbers so that you will talk to the customer executive. In which you have to tell the PNR number of your ticket.

Step.3 After entering the PNR number, OTP will be sent to your number to confirm the ticket cancellation. After telling that OTP, your ticket will be canceled.

Cancellation SMS will come on your mobile, and you can take the refund of your cancellation ticket within the stipulated time.

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Final Word-I hope you have understood Cancel E-Ticket very well. If you still have any problem regarding this post then you can comment us in the comment box. I will reply to your comment soon. NewsAncher will be present for you once again with new post and new information but till then thank you for that.

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