How To Backup Contact Number And Restore?

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It is very important to take a Contact Number Backup before resetting the phone. Today’s information is going to be very good. Because there are many of you who are trying to reset their phone, but after resetting, a problem is seen the most. That is their phone number, that is, the contact numbers. If they get deleted then in this information we will know completely how to back up the contact number before resetting the phone.


If you save the phone contact number in the phone’s storage, then if you reset the phone. Your entire number gets deleted. That means you don’t get it again. So it should not be done at all, the phone numbers should be backed up. Let us know step by step how to back up the numbers saved in your phone.

The most important data of people in any phone is contact numbers and photos and personal documents, but here I will tell you about backing up only contact numbers. How to back up photos and personal documents.

We will know about that in the next information. Also we will go to our next information on how to setup automatic backup of your contact number, photos. As there is no need to back up your phone’s photos and contact numbers, this automatically happens in your email id.

Create Contact Number Backup in Mobile

To make a backup of your contact numbers saved in mobile, it is very important for you to have Gmail. You can take backup of all the contacts in your life very easily. It may take you at most 1 minute to do this process.

If all your contact numbers are backed up in 1 minute then you don’t have any problem. Format the phone completely, whatever he does, your contact numbers become a backup in your Gmail. And you can view or remove these contact numbers anywhere by logging into your Gmail in any phone.

There are several ways to make a backup of all the contacts in the phone. Out of which you can easily use two methods, the first is local backup and the second is cloud backup.

Local Backup

Local backup means that you phone’s contact numbers are backed up in any storage device like computer laptop or any other phone. You can take backup of such contact in Storage (Internal Memory) Backup, Email Backup, PDF format backup or .vcf file.

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup means that your phone’s contact number is backed up online ie Gmail or Outlook mail or in any e-mail. It is considered appropriate to take a backup of the contact number in the e-mail.

How to make backup of any phone contact number

Step.1 First of all you have to download Phone Contact Number Backup App. You can download by clicking the link given below to download.

Download Contact Backup App

Step.2 After downloading open it. After opening, you will see an interface as shown in the image below. where you Backup An option will appear. Have to click on it.


Step.3 As soon as click on the option of backup. All the options for doing backup come in front of you. Click Email if you want to send the backup by e-mail and if you want to keep it on the memory card. Then click on the option of device memory. And in which format do you want to save the backup? After selecting the format, click on the option of backup given below.


Step.4 As soon as you click on the option of Backup. The option to allow storage permissions will come, you have to allow it, after which your contacts will be backed up.


Step.5 After the contact backup is complete, you can see its backup, and you can store this backup anywhere. Next we will know how to restore backup.

How To Restore .vcf File Contact Backup

If you have made a backup by following the steps mentioned above. So let us know how to restore the backup in the phone, that is, how to get all the numbers back in the phone.

  1. To restore contact number backup, you have to download the same application again. And to open.
  2. After that click on the option of backup given below.
  3. Now you have to select the backup file wherever you have kept your backup file. Select that.
  4. And click on the restore button, after which your entire contact number gets restored again.

How to Backup Contact Number in Gmail

Backing up contacts on Google account ie Gmail account is considered very appropriate. Because to use the smartphone, we do it only through the Gmail account. So if you are thinking that whatever number you save will automatically be saved in the Gmail account, then you can do so by following the steps given below.

Step.1 First of all you have to go to your Gmail mobile settings. In the mobile setting, you get an option of Google, click on it.


Step.2 After clicking on the option of Google, next you get an option of backup, click on it.


Step.3 Like or click on the option of backup, all the options of backup will appear in front of you, click on the option of Google Account Tata given below.


Step.4 Inside Google account data, you get an option of contact, you have to enable this option.


Step.5 Now whatever number you save in your contact, it will be backed up by cement.

So in this way you can create Phone Contact Number Backup in Gmail Account, let us now know about whether your contact number is being backed up or not.

How to know if Contact Numbers are backed up in Gmail?

If you want to confirm when all your contact numbers have been created in Gmail. So for that you have to go to the contact web link of Gmail, so let’s know step by step. How many contacts are backed up in your Gmail, that is, how many numbers you have saved in this month, how to get them all.

  1. So first of all you have to go to the link given below which is the link of contact number of gmail.
  2. Here you have to login by entering your email id password. Which is your contact backup in email id. Enter it here and login.
  3. You can see the email id after login. How many contact numbers do you have backed up in your email? All list is available.

How to Backup Phone Contact Number in Mi Redmi

Follow the steps given below to make a backup of all the contacts saved in Mi Redmi mobile.

  1. First of all, you have to open your Contacts app. Where you can see your contacts i.e. how many contact numbers are there in your mobile, a list of all is available.
  2. Above you have to go to 3dot where you get the option of setting. Have to go to Settings.
  3. in the setting Import and Export There is an option to go to it.
  4. where you Export To Storage The option is available, you have to click on it. Now as soon as you export it. All your contact numbers are backed up in your local backup ie internal storage.

You or all Contact Number Backup is apple in a different format. You can keep it anywhere. In the storage of mobile or computer or in the storage of any other phone. So you have made a local backup of all the contact numbers of your phone.

How to restore phone contact number backup

Phone Contact Number Backup and Restore is very easy. If you have taken a local backup of your phone contacts, then it is saved in the internal storage of your phone as a .vcf file. Now we have to import this file, let’s know how to import.

  1. first you call Contact App Where you can see 3 dots, click on it and go to Settings.
  2. in the setting Import and Export option is available. Have to click on it.
  3. After that you have to go to the import option. In the import option, you have to click on Import From Local ie Internal Memory.
  4. After which you have to select the file from your .vcf and click on OK.
  5. After this all your contact numbers also come in your phone from C file.

So in today’s information, how do we make Contact Number Backup. go about it. Also how the backup is restored in the phone. Know about this too. If you have any query related to the information itself, then you can ask by commenting below.

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