How Does Medicine Work In Our Body 5 Steps

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How the medicine works in the body. A drug is a chemical or biological substance that affects the body and its functions. Let us understand in today’s information how medicine works in our body. Many times we take medicine when we have headache, cough or any disease.

As soon as we take medicine in the same way as you are suffering, after a while we get cured from that pain and discomfort. But have you ever wondered how any medicine works in our body. How by taking a pain killer, your headache, body ache gets cured in no time.


From childhood till now, we all have taken medicine when we are sick, but perhaps you have not thought about how the medicine works in the body. Due to which we get cured, so let us know in this information how medicine works in our body.

How does Medicine Work in Our Body?


Whenever any medicine is consumed, it is first absorbed. The medicine first goes to your stomach after eating where it breaks down into smaller particles and then it passes into the small intestine.

In the small intestine, the secretions of bile and pancreas mix with the medicine. And there are small folds on the surface of the small intestine which are called vessels. All vessels contain blood capillaries. This is where the absorption of what we eat takes place. The absorption of the drug occurs when it enters the bloodstream. And when the drug is absorbed into the blood, it spreads throughout the body. Here the process of absorption of medicine in our body gets completed.


The medicine gets absorbed and goes into our blood. Where are the molecules in the blood plasma called albumin. Albumin binds with nutrients and carries the drug throughout the body. Whenever a drug is absorbed into the blood, it gets distributed throughout the body along with albumin. The amount of certain drugs that are attached to albumin is filtered out of the body by the liver. Only a small amount of the remaining medicine is able to spread through the body and do its work. So here the process of dispensing medicine gets completed.


The next step in how the drug works in the body is metabolism. The next step in the drug’s journey is the drug mixes with the blood to the liver through the vein and the liver acts as a filter. Metabolizes the drug before it is spread through the body. Only a very small amount of the drug survives further and reaches the site of infection. Your body filters the pressure so much that only 68% of the amount ingested is able to function at the site of injury or infection. This percentage is called the bioavailability of the drug.


The next step in how the medicine works in our body is the medicine in our body, now we have reached the place where we have got hurt or infection. If we get hurt, a chemical called prostaglandin is formed there. which is causing the inflammation. Prostaglandins send signals to the nerves in the skin that are responsible for feeling pain. The drug molecules of the drug reach the injury site through the cone and prevent the production of this chemical called prostaglandin. This reduces swelling and also reduces the feeling of pain. So this is how the medicine works.


How the medicine works in our body is the last step. Which we call the exit of the drug from the body. The amount of medicine left in the blood keeps circulating in the blood. until they are completely used up or are expelled from the body. The drug is flushed out of the body through the kidney urinary tract. Which is called drug extraction.

So through this five steps when our body acts badly let us know through example how the medicine works.

First of all, like you also get the tablet. After that the drug is absorbed in the small intestine and goes to the circulating system of the blood. After which the medicine travels throughout the body by binding to the blood molecules in our body. First the tablet starts from our digestive system as soon as you take the tablet, within few minutes the tablet mixes with the acidic in your stomach.

Example-Just like after you swallow the tablet of Crocin, the medicine goes into our stomach and gets dissolved. After this, it goes into the small intestine and goes into the blood vessels through the valve mounted on the surface in the small hand. After that it joins with the blood molecule and goes to our veins. After which it goes to the liver, as soon as the tablet goes to the liver, the blood and their molecules get mixed with the metabolism of the liver.

Where some amount of the drug gets damaged, which is called metabolized. After that the medicine goes into the body’s circulation system along with the blood. With blood from the circulatory system, the heart, kidneys reach each organ. So wherever there is any infection or damage in the body, it reaches there and starts working to cure it.

So friends, in this information, we have learned how medicine works in the body. There are many phases of medicine working in the body, knowing all the steps step by step medicine works so quickly in the body. The absorption of each drug is different because medicines are made from different substances.

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