Fastag Work Process- How does Fastag work?

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In today’s information, we will know how Fastag works. Not only the technology behind FASTag, but will also understand about the fraud caused by FASTag and will also know how to avoid it and in addition to all this, also to know that the vehicle in front of you and your vehicle while passing through the toll lane. Why is it necessary to have a distance of 4 meters in between?

Fastag Work

Fastag Work

How many types of fastag are there, how many colors of fastag have been issued

The Government of India has issued a total of 7 color FASTag, there is a FASTag of Violet color for car, jeep etc. There is a FASTag of orange color for minibus and tourist vehicle. The one who does not know, should know that the part of a vehicle that connects the tires and turns the wheel.

It is called Excel, for buses and trucks with 2xl, there is a green color fastag and for 3xl buses and trucks, yellow color means that there is a fastag of jaundice, for buses and trucks with 5 or 6 axles, it is pink color fastag Whether there is a sky blue color FASTag for trucks with 7 or more axles, HCM ie black color ie black color FASTag has been issued for highway construction machines like JCB etc.

How Fastag Works How Fastag Work?

Fastag Work- FASTag, issued under the National Electronic Toll Collection program, works on the basis of RFID technology called Radio Frequency Identification Technology, a technology that works with the help of radio waves in the electromagnetic spectrum. Is.

Simply put, in the technology of RFID, there are two components in the first FASTag and the second RFID scanner which scans this FASTag as soon as your vehicle enters this FASTag lane. The RFID scanner starts scanning the FASTag on your vehicle. Now the code and bank name are all written in FASTag. And there are some courses that we are not able to see, Ishq also has a chip and antenna, this thing contains all the information about your vehicle, with the help of which it is found that how much will be the toll tax of that vehicle.

With the help of the antenna installed in the FASTag, the RFID scanner, the details of your vehicle, how much has been taxed. As soon as all the information is collected, the RFID scanner sends all the information to the toll plaza system ie the computer.

And all this information is also sent to the bank and the bank will accept this payment. After that your toll tax is deducted. After the toll plaza payment is successful, the toll plaza barrier opens automatically.

How does fraud happen in FASTag?

In the information given above, we have learned about Fastag Work, let’s talk about how fraud is happening through Fastag. Yes, you heard it right, nowadays FASTag is a bit fraudulent too. When Ishwar Bank does your FASTag, a message comes on your registered mobile number.

Toll tax has been deducted so much for your sake, but the problem is that this message comes after 10 minutes to 1 hour, that is, by the time the SMS will reach you, you must have gone far away from that toll plaza. Because of this, a lot of fraud is going on in FASTag. Will learn more about this later.

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