How to do HBsAg Test-Hepatitis B Virus Test?

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In this information about HBsAg Test-Hi Welcome To my Newsancher, today we are going to tell you about HbsAg Surface Antigen, Hepatitis B Virus Test.


How HbsAg Hepatitis B Test is done, we will know completely in this information.

What is HbsAg

The full name of HbsAg is Hepatitis b Surface Antigen. It is called Surface Antigen of the Hepatitis b Virus (HBV).

How to do HbsAg Hepatitis Test

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Requirement- Required Instruments for HbsAg Test

  1. Hepacard Device
  2. Sample Droper Or Micropipette

Precautions for Causion-(HbsAg) Lab Test Technician

If you are going to take HbsAg test then you should take some precautions for it, because HbsAg is an infectious disease.

  1. Always test by wearing gloves
  2. Go to the lab by wearing Apron, Jute, Socks, and Full Shirt only.
  3. Do not re-use other’s used instruments
  4. Avoid touching sample blood or used instruments.
  5. Use soap, spirit or antiseptic solution to clean the blood or sample after the test.

Procuder- How to do Hepatitis Test?

Before doing the HbsAg hepatitis test, keep the Hepcard at room temp for 10 minutes.

Now you have to take a sample of patient’s blood. If you have to take blood sample only for HbsAg then you have to take 1ml blood in syringe.


After taking the sample, it has to be centrifuged in the cetrifuge machine. Because for HbsAg Hepatitis test we need Serum/plasma.

After centrifuge is done, now open Hepacrd Device. And pour 70 microletter 2 drops from the cetrifuge blood sample into the sample area of ​​the Hepacard.

After putting 2 drop samples in Hepacard, you have to wait for maximum 20 minutes for this test to be completed.

HbsAg- Hepatitis Test Results

After 20 minutes of putting the sample in the Hepcard, you have to see the result of the test.

  • You will see two marking Hepacard C and T. In which there is C Control and T Test Result.
  • If there is no pink line in C or T in Hepacrd’s test kit, then it means that the test kit is bad, you should use another kit.
  • If the Hepacrd Kit shows a pink line on C, and no pink line appears on T, the result will be HbsAg No Reactive.
  • If a pink line appears on both C and T of Hepacard Kit, then the result is HbsAg Reactive.

In this way you can easily do HbsAg Hepatitis Test through Hepacrd Device. If you have got complete information about HbsAg hepatitis test from this post, then do tell us about your experience.

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