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Google has given the facility of Auto ads which I think is a very good feature. It fixes many problems for engaging users with advertising. Many people are earning money through Google Adsense. How to enable and setup Google AdSense auto ads. In today’s information, we are going to talk about this.

Friends, after setting up Google Auto ads, Google Adsense will show ads on your website according to its own. So that it will be appropriate to show which ads for the website in what size, it will be decided by Google, which will also increase your revenue. and you make a lot of money google adsense can earn through

What is Google Adsense Auto Ads and what are its benefits

Google Adsense Auto ads will automatically best position the ads on your website page. It is very important to know where which ads would be appropriate to show, but if you enable Auto Ads, then you do not need to do anything, Google starts showing ads in your site according to its own.

even if you have wordpress website and you have written a lot of posts. To put it inside the post, we have to use the plugin and put the code of all the apps in the plugin. But I am going to tell you such a way, in this you have to enter only one code and Adsense ads will start showing automatically on all your post pages.

  • First of all login google adsense account.
  • After login with Google Adsense account, click on Ads.
  • In the Overview section of Ads, you will see the name of the website linked to Adsense written. In front of which the option of Auto Ad Enable will appear as you can see in the image. The auto aids enabled go-on key will be visible in the image.


  • As soon as you enable Auto Ad, you will see all the setting options of AutoCAD and you can also see Auto Ads Enable preview on your website.


  • After that you can see below that there is an option of Apply to Site, you have to click on it.


  • As soon as you click on Apply To Site, Auto ads code will appear in front of you. You have to copy this code and paste it in the website theme.

Just your job is done and babu can see eighth hai in his website after sometime.

How to Earn Google Auto Ads?

Follow the steps given below to know how much you have earned through Google Auto ads.

  • First of all you have to login your Adsense account.
  • After login you have to go to Ads Overview Section.
  • Now you can see that the link of your website will appear, whichever website is linked. It will appear in front of you in which you have to click on the earning icon as you can see in the image.


  • After this a new page will open where you can see the Earning done by Auto Ads and Manual Ads.

So in this way you can setup auto ads in website or blog. You can also check the earning done by auto aids.

I hope that you have understood our information, if you are a blogger then definitely tell me by commenting.

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