Free IPL Live Watching Mobile Apps (Top 5 IPL Live Apps)

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So friends IPL season has started, now IPL matches have also started coming. Now you will be looking for a free IPL live application, in this we can watch IPL matches live in your phone without buffering with very little MB data, friends, you will find many such information and applications on the internet where you can tell. There are free live applications to watch the match, but friends, there are many applications in it which are closed after a 2 hours or after a day or two the applications are closed.


So you do not need to take tension, I am going to tell you about some such application to watch IPL, which I have used myself, where you can easily watch IPL for free. What are the Rajasthan applications, how to download it and how to watch IPL in it, I am going to tell you all in the information itself.

MR Tv Free IPL Live App

This is the best app to watch free ipl live, i have used it myself and ipl live can be seen very well on it, to download it you can download it by visiting the link given below.

Download MR Tv Apk

NT Tv Free IPL Live App

NDTV I have also seen this application by downloading it in my mobile and in this also the match of Live TV IPL was going on, more than once you can try to watch free IPL live.

Download NT TV Apk

RTS Tv Free IPL Live App

Installed in my mobile on 20th of this month and opened it. In this too IPL live was going on, it cannot be said at the moment because some applications are banned every day, you can also try it.

RTS Tv Apk

Thop Tv Free IPL Live App

This is a very popular application, many people downloaded this application in 2019 and showed IPL live and in 2021 also IPL live can be seen in this application. But I have not used this application till now whether it is working or not.

Download Thop Tv Apk

Pikashow Free IPL Live App

I also used Picasso application in which free IPL live was going on. But if the buffering was doing more then you can ignore it or you can download the above mentioned application and watch free IPL live.

pikashow apk

How to Download Free IPL Live App

To download all the above-mentioned applications, you have to use a browser, you can use any one browser on your mobile.

  • First of all, open the browser of your mobile and in Google search you have to search by entering the application name and typing the APK.
  • After searching, many websites will open in front of you, in which you have to click on the APK download option above.
  • Next we will reach the website where you get the option of downloading, by clicking on the option of downloading, you can download that application in your mobile.
  • After downloading the Free IPL Live Application, install it now.
  • After the application is installed, open it and after opening it you will get the live option to watch IPL, from here you can watch your full IPL live.

You can use all the applications mentioned above, I have used it myself, if any application is not working, you can tell us by commenting, we will also tell you about some new and other applications for you, in this you will get free IPL live. can see.

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