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How to Find Computer/Laptop Serial Number?

Today I am going to tell you how to find the serial number of computer desktop on your laptop. If you want to know the serial numbers of your laptop or computer desktop, here’s how to find it. We will know about this step by step.

As you would know, the serial number of laptop or computer disturb is written above. But while using it, it gets erased and if we need a serial numbers somewhere, then we have to remove it from which setting on the computer itself.


The sticker of the serial numbers remains on the back of the laptop and remains on the CPU of the desktop, if it is erased and is not visible, then you can find out by this easy way what is the serial numbers of your laptop or desktop.

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How to find what is computer or laptop serial number

A computer or laptop has a serial numbers, which is a code that is different for all laptop computers. Through this serial number, you can check the warranty of that laptop, usually people use it to check the warranty. But there is much more work than this. All laptops or computers have a serial number sticker pasted on it which is put up by the company.

how to find serial number through command

In this way, you can remove the serial number by giving the command in your computer CMD, so let’s know how to remove it.

  • first of all your Start Menu where you have to go CMD Have to search.
  • As soon as you search CMD above you will find CMD Software Click on it will appear.
  • Now CMD opens in front of you where you have to type the command given below.
PC Serial number command-
wmic bios get serialnumber
  • After typing the above command Enter Have to do After entering, you can use your laptop or computer desktop serial number can see.

Friends, this was a very easy way, you can find the serial number of any computer or laptop. wmic bios get serialnumber You can easily remove it through this command.

How to get complete information of computer laptop

If you want to go, complete information about your computer or laptop like iss kare hoon kitna hai. Want to know how much memory is there, what is the serial number and many more information of your computer or laptop. So what do you have to do for that, let us know.

  • first of all your Windows Start Menu You have to go to it and search run in the search box.
  • Now Run command will come in front of you, you have to open Run command.
  • RUN Command in the search box msinfo32 Search by typing. After that you have to enter.
  • Now you can see the complete data of your computer, laptop, model number serial number RAM can see everything.

In this two ways, you can extract them from the serial numbers of the computer or laptop. I hope that you have come across this information of ours, if you have any questions related to this information of ours, then you can ask by commenting below.

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