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Fake DTO recovered 15 lakh rupees in 35 minutes, ran away seeing himself entangled in media’s question

In Bihar’s Buxar district, a swindler posing as District Transport Officer (DTO) extorted around Rs 15 lakh from trucks carrying sand in just 35 minutes on Thursday night.

This was revealed when some YouTubers and journalists reached the spot. When one of them asked some questions to the fake DTO, seeing himself trapped, he fled fast in the car.

The whole matter is near the bridge built in the Ganga at the end of Buxar-Patna NH 922. Senior police officers came to know about it too late.

Although the discussion is strong that during this whole episode police patrolling parties were also around. In this case, Buxar’s Superintendent of Police Manish Kumar says that he too has received such information. If any such complaint is received, the police will take action.

What is the matter

It is being told that at around 11 o’clock on Thursday night near Golambar, adjacent to the Ganga bridge in Buxar, a person posing as an officer was checking sand-laden trucks.

Meanwhile, some YouTubers and journalists also reached there. Eyewitnesses told that some uniformed men were also present nearby. Everyone knew that the District Transport Officer had come to investigate.

There were some other people along with that person, who were engaged in extortion by threatening to confiscate the trucks. Truck drivers carrying overloaded sand went on giving 20 to 50 thousand rupees easily to him, because if caught in such a case, there is a fine of more than two lakh rupees.

There is a discussion among the passing gang active on Golambar that this fake DTO had collected Rs 14 lakh 90 thousand from trucks in just 35 minutes.

Suspecting this disturbance, a journalist asked about his introduction to that fake DTO, then he got nervous. He immediately sat in his car and fled towards Bhojpur.

It is also discussed that there were two vehicles with him. The first was a white and the second was a black SUV.

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