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In today’s information, I am going to talk about Jio pos lite i.e. how to become a retailer of Jio. We will know complete information about how to create an account. If you do Jio’s SIM activation work or Jio recharge, then you can earn money by becoming a Jio retailer and taking commission from it. This is Jio’s service which has been made for the retailer user, you can take this service online sitting at home.

Friends, if you have a PAN card, then you can also recharge and do the work of SIM activation. You can do both these things easily sitting at home, nowadays everyone has a jio number, so they go to the retailer to get recharge done. Get commission.


And we will know the complete information about how to get this commission, friends, nowadays every house has a jio sim, if there are 5 people in a house, then 3 of them will definitely have a jio sim or all the people in a house. One must have a Jio SIM nearby.

What is Jio Pos Lite

Before creating Jio pos lite account, let us know about two applications made by jio in which you get jio pos lite application on google play store if you want to take recharge facility only if you want to use any jio number. If you want to earn money by recharging, then Jio can earn money by recharging by creating a Lite account.

Only recharge facility is available in Jio pos lite.

Jio Partner types

Three types of partner options have been given in Jio Pos Lite.

  1. Recharge partner
  2. Activation partner
  3. Activation and device partner

1.Jio Pos lite recharge partner-This is for those people who want to take commission only by recharging, for this you need to have a Jio number and email id.


With this jio number and email id, you can become a jio recharge partner completely. And you can earn money by recharging any jio number.

2.Jio pos lite Activation PartnerThis is for those people who want to do the work of Jio SIM activation along with Jio mobile number recharge. For this, it is necessary to have Jio mobile number, email ID, PAN card and Aadhar card.


After becoming an Activation Partner, you can do Jio Number Recharge as well as Activate and MNP Port.

3.Jio pos lite Activation and Device partner-This is for those people who want to do mobile number recharge, sim activation and selling jio’s accessories, mobile phone b. To activate this plan, you need to have Jio mobile number, email ID, PAN card, Aadhar card and bank account details.


After activating this plan, you can take advantage of all the services of Jio, you can do Jio Fiber activation on Jio phone and also have to solve the problem coming in Jio phone.

How to Create Jio Pos Lite Account

Friends, it is very easy to create Jio pos lite account, you can create a Jio pos account from your mobile sitting at home and through this jio service, you can recharge any jio number. and can earn money.

  • First of all you have to download jio pos application in your mobile, this is the official app of jio which is made for retailer user, you can download it. download from google play store can do. You have to go to Google Play Store and search by writing Jio pos, after searching, Jio pos lite will come in your search bar, you have to download it from there.
  • After downloading Jio pos, install it, open it after installing, as soon as you open it, the interface shown in the image below appears on your screen, then here you have to create an account, for that the option of Create Account given below have to click on.
  • Now after that a new page will open in front of you, where you should have Jio’s mobile number and you should have an email ID, mail ID and plan have to be selected. After that click on Continue.
  • After clicking on Continue, an OTP will be sent to your mobile number, enter the OTP and submit it here.
  • After clicking on submit the account has been successfully created, now you can see the above balance will also be visible in the interface

how to recharge with jio pos lite

Show in the image the option of recharge is available, by clicking on it, you can recharge anyone’s jio number, but for that you have to add balance in your jio phone first.


First of all, you have to click on the recharge option, after that a new page is generated where you have to enter the number you want to recharge on this number and click on the Next button.


As soon as you click on Next, the list of all the plans appears, select the Juhi plan to recharge and click on the recharge button below.

That mobile number gets recharged as soon as you click on the recharge button.

how to load jio pos lite money

Before recharging any jio number by jio pos lite, you have to load money in jio pos lite virus, let’s know how to load money in jio ask lite.

First of all open jio pos lite application given above load money The button will be visible, click on it.


As soon as you click on the Load Money button, a new page gets opened, here you have to put the amount of money you want to load and click on the Proceed button given below.


After that there is an option to loot money in the new page, from where you will add money, there are many options to add, you can add money in jio pos lite by choosing any option.

In the above image you can see how much commission is being received in loading ₹ 1000.

How to get Jio Pos Recharge Commission

Friends, there is an option to load money in jio pos lite app, you get the option to add money to it, so if you add ₹ 1000 to your jio phone, then there you get 39.5 rupees commission for 1039.5 rupees, then friends this is your Commission gets to earn money by recharging through Jio Pos lite.

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