What is the difference between Serum and Plasma

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Hello friends, in today’s information we are going to talk about serum and plasma, what is the difference between serum and plasma and what are the similarities between the two. First of all we understand blood serum and blood plasma in different way

Blood clotting When blood is collected in a glass tube or in a blood test tube, the blood clots within 5 to 10 minutes. This means the blood coagulates in five to ten minutes.

When the blood freezes, it separates into two parts. The yellow part of the serum that is on top and the other clot or clot that settles below is also called solid. And the liquid part left above is called serum.

Different Between Serum and Plasma

Now we know about plasma, if anticoagulant (other coagulant lodhi) is added to the blood while collecting blood, then the blood does not coagulate and remains liquid, chloride oxalate, trisodium citrate and EDTA in the blood. Blood does not coagulate when mixed, it remains in a simple form.

Anticoagulant-mixed blood separates into two liquid parts, the first and second blood cells, which over time collect at the bottom, the layer above the clot is the layer of erythrocyte. And on top is plasma.

What is the difference between blood serum and plasma?

Let us understand what is the main difference between serum and plasma.

  1. Plasma is obtained from anticoagulated blood, the serum is separated without anticoagulant.
  2. Clotting factors are found in plasma, which help in clotting of blood, clotting factors are not found in serum.
  3. Plasma contains a soluble protein called fibrinogen along with other proteins whereas serum does not contain fibrinogen but all proteins are found.
  4. The quantity of plasma in blood is higher than that of serum. Plasma makes up 55% of the blood.
  5. Plasma is used for the coagulation test. Serum is high for sero diagnosis test
  6. Plasma is used in blood transfusion.
  7. Plasma is easy to separate from the blood whereas it is a bit difficult to separate the amount of serum from the blood.
  8. Serum is 90% water whereas plasma contains 92-95% water.
  9. Serum can be kept at 2 to 6 °C for several days. Whereas frozen plasma can be stored for up to 1 year.
  10. The density of serum is 1.004 g/ml while that of plasma is about 1025 kg/m3 or 1.025 g/ml.

The information mentioned above mainly deals with the differences between serum and plasma. Who can go behind in the exam also.

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