How to deposit Money in WazirX Wallet

Hello everyone, welcome to all of you in one piece of information, today’s topic is about WazirX. Right now the problem is going on in WazirX, UPI is not adding funds to WazirX Wallet by UPI.

As you know, the deposit is closed through UP now. So how can you deposit money? Apart from that, there are many such people who wrongly deposit money in WazirX Wallet due to lack of information.

As we mentioned above UPI that deposit has been closed by WazirX. Whose money is pending in WazirX. Those who tried to deposit money in WazirX through UPI, their money got stuck and still the refund is not received. They should complain to WazirX.


It was informed by the WazirX India Twitter handle that the method of depositing money through UPI in WazirX Wallet has also been discontinued. Anyone whose money is pending. They will be dispatched to their bank within 5 business days.

After which the process of adding both UPI money in WazirX wallet has stopped. Now apart from this, how can we deposit funds in WazirX Wallet, let’s know about those methods.


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How to deposit money in WazirX Wallet

1.Open WazirX and Go To Fund Option

First of all you have to open WazirX app, where on the right side you will see the option of Wallet Icon (Fund), click on it.

2.Select Your Country Exchange Money

Now if you are an Indian here, then you have to select the Indian currency INR. As you can see in the image below.


3.Click To Deposit Option

After selecting the Indian currency INR, click on the given deposit option.


4.See All WazirX Deposit Option

Now after this you will see three options to add friends in WazirX Warrant, let’s know about these three postures.


1.WazirX Instant Deposit (Net Banking)

If we add money to WazirX by clicking on the option of net banking, then for this you must have net banking. After this you have to link your bank account

After which you can put money in WazirX through net banking. But this condition is also there. Which has been told to you below.

WazirX Wallet Money Deposit Fees Charge (Term and Condition) by Net banking

  • Net banking is a must.
  • You can deposit funds up to a minimum of ₹ 100 and up to ₹ 50,000 through Net Banking, so if you add money to WazirX through this network, then you will have to pay ₹ 23.60 paise. And this charge will be charged as many times when you add funds today.
  • And whatever account you have linked through net banking has to be done with the same account area, if you do it with another account, then that money will not be added to the wallet.
  • Adding money to WazirX by internet banking may take some time, sometimes it happens, and sometimes stand deposit also.
  • Below you can see which banks WazirX supports for depositing money through net banking. If your bank is one of these then you can make a net banking Dena fund deposit.

Apart from net banking, if you deposit money in WazirX Meerut with the option of virus, then you have to pay more for it, so if you have just net banking then deposit money in WazirX budget through net banking only.

Below we will know what the charges are and how to deposit money through Wallet in WazirX.

2.WazirX Instant Deposit (Wallet)

If you want to deposit money through Instant Deposit Violet, then the very first thing you need to have is a Mobikwik Wallet. Let us first know about the charges and all the conditions involved in adding money through Violet in WazirX.

Fund Deposit Fees Charge (Terms and Conditions) by Wallet (Mobikwik) in WazirX.

  • Must have Mobikwik Wallet App
  • Both Mobikwik Wallet Name and WazirX Name should be the same.
  • Must have money in Mobikwik Wallet
  • If you deposit money in WazirX through Mobikwik Wallet then ₹100 deposit is charged at 1.70 paise
  • And if you deposit a large amount, then you will have to pay a lot of charger fees for this.

Net banking charges are very less as compared to Mobikwik.

How to Deposit Money in WazirX using Mobikwik Wallet.

  • First of all, you have to add money to your Mobikwik Wallet and keep it.
  • And if you have added money to your Mobikwik Wallet, then now you have to go to the WazirX app.
  • To go to the option of Fund Deposit.
  • And here you have to go to the option of Instant Deposit India. Where you can see the charge terms and conditions for depositing money in WazirX by Mobikwik Wallet which we have mentioned above.
  • After that an interface like the one given below comes in front of you. Where you have to link by entering your bank account details.
  • And next to that you get the option of UPI. You have to link it by entering your name and UPI ID in it.
  • After UPI I’d Link, you get the option to add money, put your money on it and click on Mobikwik Wallet.
  • After that you will directly go to Mobikwik Wallet where you have to enter payment pin after which money gets deposited in WazirX Wallet.

So in this way you can deposit WazirX Wallet Fund, if you are having any problem in depositing money in WazirX wallet, then you can ask them by commenting below.

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