Cytoheal Tablet Uses, Price, Benifits and Side Effects?

In today’s information we are going to talk about Cytoheal Tablet. What is Cytoheal Tablet About? When and how is it used. And also know about the advantages and disadvantages associated with it.

Cytoheal Tablet is a drug used for medical abortion. It is also used to stop bleeding after delivery and is more commonly used in unwanted abortion. This medicine acts on the uterus.

What is Cytoheal Tablet

Cytoheal Tablet is a drug which is used to induce abortion in early stage of pregnancy.

Cytoheal Tablet MRP Price,Composition, Storage

  • Content (Composition)- Misoprostol Tablet
  • Manufacturer (Company Name)- Healing Pharma India Pvt Ltd
  • Storage– Store Below 30°C
  • Drug Type– Tablet
NameCytoheal Tablet
Drug TypeAllopath
Content Composition (Salt)Misoprostol
ManufacturerHealing Pharma India Pvt Ltd
Pack Size10 tablet (1kit)
Chemical classTablet
StorageStore Below 30°C

Cytoheal Tablet other Dose and Price

Cytoheal 200mcg₹175/10Tablet

Cytoheal Tablet Uses

  • medical abortionCytoheal Tablet is used for abortion. When a woman has an unwanted pregnancy, it is used to remove it.
  • This tablet is also used for post-delivery bleeding. It helps in controlling excessive bleeding after giving birth. It helps to prevent severe loss of blood.
  • This medicine is also used in case of stomach ulcer.
  • If a woman’s child is not growing properly, then even then this tablet is used.

We have learned about the use of Cytoheal Tablet, let us know about its advantages and disadvantages further.

Cytoheal Tablet Benifits

In medical abortion as we mentioned it is used to perform abortion in the early stage of pregnancy which is commonly called abortion. In the treatment of bleeding after delivery, this tablet is also used to control if there is excessive bleeding after the woman gives birth to the baby.

How to Use Cytoheal Tablet

As such it is a 4 tablet strip insect and each tablet contains Cytohellol mcg. This one tablet is given to the woman before going to bed at night. After that the woman has to wait for 24 to 36 hours. If the woman bleeds within those hours, then another tablet does not have to be taken.

If there is no building then after 12 to 24 hours another tablet can be taken. Cytoheal tablet can be given alone or in combination with another medicine to get maximum benefit from this medicine. It should be taken with food or as advised by the doctor. The tablet is swallowed whole with water.

Tell your doctor if vomiting occurs within 30 minutes of taking the tablet or if vomiting is experienced and you may need to take the tablet again. For more details regarding the dosage of Cytoheal Tablet, please consult your doctor.

How to Work Cytoheal Tablet

Cytoheal Tablet increases the contractions of the uterus which increases the risk of miscarriage. Prevents bleeding after delivery due to poor contraction of the uterus. Cytoheal Tablet is used in early stage of pregnancy to induce abortion. This pressure effectively blocks the natural female hormone called estrogen which is essential for maintaining pregnancy.

Cytoheal Tablet Side Effects

Some side effects have been observed in many people on using Cytoheal Tablet like

  • constipation in stomach
  • vomiting/nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • stomach ache
  • Headache
  • gas
  • heavy bleeding

If this medicine causes any kind of allergy or excessive stomach pain, excessive bleeding, then definitely contact the doctor.

important advice

Key highlights of Cytoheal Tablet

  • Take rest for at least 1 hour after taking Cytoheal Tablet tablet.
  • If a woman has kidney and heart related disease then this tablet should not be taken or visit the doctor.
  • If a woman’s pregnancy is more than 3 months, then she or tablet should not be taken.
  • Do consult a doctor before consuming this medicine. Having an incomplete abortion may require hospitalization, or surgery.
  • If you are taking any other medicine, then definitely share it with the doctor.
  • This drug is used for abortion, so excessive bleeding may also occur.
  • If vomiting occurs after taking this medicine, then it can be asked to take it again.
  • Contact your doctor if you have excessive bleeding or severe abdominal pain.

Safety Advice


Do not use this medicine while driving as your vision may be affected there may be chances of sleepiness and dizziness.


Cytoheal Mcg Tablet is safe to use in kidney patients but use it in the right dosage and consult your doctor.


People with liver disease can use Cytoheal Tablet, but once take the advice of the doctor.


No, do not drink alcohol before or after taking this medicine.

Feeding The Beast

No, do not use this Cytoheal during breastfeeding at all. This can harm the baby. Breastfeed the baby only after the medicine is completely removed from the body.


No Cytoheal mg tablet is unsafe to use during pregnancy. Do not use it during pregnancy. Because harmful effects can be seen on the developing baby.

Important FAQ

What is Cytoheal Tablet?

It is a medical pregnancy termination medicine. It is used to terminate pregnancy and may be used to treat or prevent bleeding after delivery.

Why use Cytoheal Tablet?

If a woman who has had an unwanted pregnancy means that the woman is not wanting to be pregnant yet, yet she has become pregnant. So at that time this tablet is used for abortion.

Can having Cytoheal Tablet cause side effects on future pregnancy?

It is not that after the study it was found that this drug does not reduce the fertility of women. Your future chances of getting pregnant are equal to those. Those who have not consumed this way, yet you should not overuse this medicine.

What are the common side-effects of Cytoheal Tablet?

Some of the side effects of this medicine are abdominal pain, vomiting or nausea, diarrhea, nausea, uterine cramping or contractions.

When should I take Cytoheal Tablet?

One tablet of Cytoheal Tablet should be taken at night before sleeping.

What if I miss a dose of Cytoheal Tablet?

If you miss a dose of Cytoheal Tablet, take it as soon as possible.

List all substitutes for Cytoheal Tablet

  1. Cytolog Tablet
  2. Prestakind Tablet
  3. Misoprost Tablet
  4. Miso-Gyn Tablet
  5. M Prost Tablet
  6. Miso Tablet
  7. Mesopil Tablet
  8. Kontrac Tablet
  9. Misolog Tablet
  10. Misogen Tablet
  11. Mistol Tablet
  12. Misogest Tablet
  13. Rpitant Tablet
  14. Misoclear Tablet
  15. L Pill Tablet
  16. Misogest Tablet
  17. Misolup Tablet
  18. Pregclear Tablet
  19. Misogon Tablet
  20. Mizolast Tablet
  21. Tector Tablet
  22. Mizolast Tablet
  23. Miprost Tablet
  24. Emtee Tablet
  25. Contrapill Duo Tablet
  26. Zitote Tablet
  27. Misobort Tablet
  28. Cytoheal Tablet
  29. Misorest Tablet
  30. Cytalagen Tablet
  31. Misrogen Tablet
  32. Misotol Tablet
  33. Pregaprost Tablet
  34. Skyt Tablet
  35. Colestol Tablet
  36. Misnol Tablet

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Please consult a doctor before taking any kind of medicine.

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