How to do Cynmethod Hemoglobin Test Requirement And Procedure?

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Cyanmeth Method Hemoglobin Test Procedure- Welcome to our blog, in today’s information, we are going to tell you how hemoglobin test is done with Cyanmeth method. In this way, we are going to tell you the complete information about how hemoglobin is stimulated, how it is determined.

 How to do Cynmethod Hemoglobin Test (Requirement And Procedure)

There are many procedures to do Hemoglobin Test. There is not only one process to do Hb test, about which we will know in the next information, but in this information we will tell you complete information about Hb test procedure by sinmeth process.


To do the hemoglobin test with the Cyanmeth Method, we first know about what things we will need.

  • calorimeter or spectrophotometer
  • Dropkin solution
  • hemoglobin glass test tube
  • Edta blood sample

Hemoglobin Test Procedure

Have you ever used a calorimeter? If done, then you will find it very easy to do this process. Cyanmeth method Hemoglobin Test is very easy to do and it gives correct results.

  • First of all you have to take a test tube and put 5ml Dropkin Solution inside it. And put 20micro sample in it.
  • And it has to be mixed well, after mixing it is to be kept at 30°c in the incubator for 5-10 minutes.
  • Now you have to turn on your calorimeter or spectrophotometer. After turning on, first you have to set it to zero.
  • We will take a glass test tube, take Dropkin’s solution and put it in the calorimeter, we will zero it with the help of the button of the calorimeter. After zeroing you have to remove the Reagent Test Tube.
  • After that, now the time is to put the sample test tube which we kept in the Incubate for 5 to 10 minutes in the calorimeter and note down its reading.
  • Now we have to install the standard, to install the stand, you get it in the kit, you have to install it and note down its seeding result.
  • After noting down the sample reading and standard key reading, now you have to apply a formula which you can see in the image below.
  • By adding your reading to this formula, the result that comes after multiplying is the hemoglobin result.

Note-Concentration of standard amount is always assumed to be 15g/dl.

So in this information we have done Hemoglobin Test with Cyanmeth method. It has been told about this, if you have any questions related to this information, then you can ask by commenting below. And please share this information to as many people as possible.

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