How to Connect Mobile Internet To Computer/Laptop (3 Ways)?

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Hello, if you have an Android phone and you want to Connect Mobile internet to Computer/Laptop with the help of it, then in today’s information we are going to tell you three such ways by which you can run internet through mobile in your laptop computer PC.

There is no need to take dongle or router to run internet in laptop or computer, you can easily run it by connecting to your mobile which will also save your money.

  • How to run internet on computer laptop pc with USB Tethering?
  • How to run internet in computer laptop pc from Hotspot Tethering
  • How to run internet in computer laptop pc with Bluetooth Tethering?
How to connect mobile internet to Computer/Laptop

If you do not know about hotspot, Bluetooth Tethering and USB Tethering, then you will know in this article. If your computer is old Disturb is not provided with the system of Bluetooth that WiFi, then you can take Bluetooth or WiFi tools from the market which you will get in 100 to ₹ 200.

How to Connect Mobile Internet to computer/laptop (3 way)?

As you would know, to Connect internet to Computer / Laptop, you must have a dongle or router, but it is not right to do so, even if you have an Android phone, you can still run the Internet computer/laptop. Most of the people who do not need much internet, they connect to their mobile and run it.

And if you want high internet speed then you have to buy dongle or router which costs around 1000 to ₹ 2000. If you have a little work on the internet in a laptop then you can save 1000 to ₹ 2000, you do not need to buy anything, you just have to have a smartphone.

3 Ways to Connect internet from mobile to computer/laptop?

There are many benefits of Connect Mobile Internet to Computer /Laptop, you need to buy a fire engine to run it from dongle and you do not need to buy any dongle to run from mobile, you just have to connect and internet plan in mobile Everyone has it.

Let us know what are those three ways through which we can run our computer / laptop me internet.

1.USB Tethering

You must have heard the name of Usb Tethering, it happens in the settings of all smart phones, if you do not know, then you can see it by going to the settings of the mobile. This is a feature to Connect Mobile Internet to Computer/Laptop through USB which is given in all smartphones. As you can see in the image below.


To run internet in your computer or laptop with USB Tethering, you must have 1 USB only, as nowadays for charging all mobiles, that too is received only, then you can use on the same USB cable.

How to Use internet in computer/laptop with USB Tethering?

How do we run the net by connecting our smartphone with a computer or laptop, so let’s now know how to Connect Mobile Internet to Computer / Laptop through all those cables.

  • First of all you have to take a USB data cable and connect with your mobile and anyone.
  • After that you have to enter your mobile Settings You have to go to Settings Connection and Sharing where you can write USB Tethering You will get the option to enable it by clicking on it.
  • Your work is done as soon as you enable it, your mobile should have Internet ON, just now you can browse through your laptop or computer to see whether the Internet is running or not.

If the option of USB tethering is not given in your mobile, then you can use Hotspot Tethering to run internet.

2.WIFI Hotspot Tethering-

Wifi Hotspot As you would know, there was a lot of WiFi Hotspot there is an option to share the internet, it is taken in almost all the smartphones. Most of the people use Hotspot to run their internet Computer/Laptop. Through this only you can connect more than two mobiles of one mobile to your mobile, and share the internet.


As you can see in the image above, the option of hotspot earring is given.

How To Use Internet Tethering In Computer/Laptop With Hotspot Tethering?

Now let’s know how to connect a computer laptop to Hotspot Tethering.

  • First of all you have to go to the settings of your mobile.
  • afterwards Connection and Sharing Go to option.
  • where you can see Hotspot Tethering You get the option of enabling it by clicking on it.
  • Now after this you have to go to your computer or laptop, you have to turn on WiFi.
  • After WIFI is on, you have to write the hotspot name of your mobile, click on it and connect.
  • If there is asking you for the password, then you can go to the hotspot of your mobile and see the password, what is the password, enter it here and connect it.
  • Your work is done, now you can see that internet will start running in your laptop and computer.

For security, put a password in your hotspot, otherwise anyone can connect and use your internet data.

3.Bluetooth Tethering

If Computer/Laptop internet is not running in your mobile through USB Tethering, Hotspot Tethering, it is not able to connect to your computer laptop with WiFi data cable, then Computer/Laptop Me internet can also run internet through Bluetooth.

The way we share data files through Bluetooth, we can also share internet.

How to Connect internet to Computer/Laptop by Bluetooth Tethering

Let us know how to connect Mobile Internet to computer / laptop to mobile through Bluetooth and how to run internet.

  • First of all you have to go to the settings of your mobile.
  • in mobile settings Connection and Sharing Go to the option of where you can see Bluetooth Tethering ,If an option is available, it has to be enabled.
  • And now you have to go to your laptop or computer and keep Bluetooth on, after turning on Bluetooth, you can give the mobile’s Bluetooth name and connect it.
  • Once connected successfully, your mobile Bluetooth tethering will enable internet to run on your computer or laptop.

If your laptop or computer is old, it does not have the feature of Bluetooth or WiFi, then you can take external Bluetooth or WiFi which you can connect to your mobile by connecting it to your computer and run the Internet.

There are many Bluetooth and WiFi connectors available in the market which are easily available in 100 or ₹ 200.

As in this information, we told you about 3 ways to Connect Mobile Internet to computer / laptop, if you are having any problem in running internet in computer or laptop, then you can ask by commenting below.

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