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Newsancher Comment policy

We have made this comment policy because some people do Spam, Fake, Unwanted comments only for their promotion or loss of others, I think we can stop this Spam, Fake, Unwanted comments activity through this comment policy.

Name, Email and Website:

Please enter your correct name email address in the comment form, if you comment your real name with any other name and email id, then your comments will not be approved, it will be considered as sperm.

Full Name:

Please write your full name in comment name box, do not use short name and any wrong name.

Comment Language:

You can comment using this Newsancher English block per English language.

Spelling Mistakes:

Before publishing the comment, you must check the spelling mistake in it, if there is a spelling mistake in the comment, then the comment can be automatic at this time.

Don’t Use Many Commas & other Icon:

Add your mind and Comma Special Icon in the comment only when needed, without reason and excessively. do not use

Related Question:

Only post comments related to that post on which you are commenting, if you have any other question, then you can contact by e-mail.

Abuse content:

You can only ask helpful questions on this blog, you are not allowed to say anything or use dirty words against anyone.

Self Promotion:

If you want to promote your site by commenting on our blog, then you cannot do this, you can only make useful and helpful comments here, then do not put the link of your site in the comment box.

If you want to promote your website, you can contact us by email

Don’t Repeat:

Do not repeat the same comment again and again, when we get to know about your comment, you will be given its reply immediately.

Don’t Leave Many Comments:

If you have to ask a lot of questions from us, then you can ask all the questions in a single comment with the number, you need to comment separately for each question.

tell Full Problem:

If you are having any problem somewhere and you want to ask about it, then comment with full information about that problem so that we can guide you properly.

Write About Post:

If you want to comment about the post, then share your responsive in two or five lines, good post is use full information, thanks for use, avoid using words like se.

If you do not follow the above mentioned comment Fauji, then your comment will not be made public in any form and will be deleted forever.

If still you do this then you will be blocked from Newsancher Blog with IP Address, Email Address and other method forever.

All Right Reserved:

We have full rights on Newsancher blog and we can manage it accordingly, then you have every right to delete sperm and remove your comment.

We can delete your comment and can also block you from this blog, so use the block carefully, if you have any problem with this blog or author with it, then you can send your question in Contact Us Form. Please keep in mind about this Comment Policy of Newsancher.