How to Check Airtel Number Owner Details Name, Address ?

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Airtel Number Owner details- In whose name is your Airtel Number, how to know Yes, if you do not know in whose name your Airtel number is, then in today’s information we are going to tell you the easy way through which you can know which Airtel Number you are running. On whose basis is it registered? Friends, if you are running a number, then the name of its owner must be known.


It is very important to know in whose name your airtel number is because if your airtel number is closed or stolen due to any reason, then if your aadhar card will be linked on that airtel number then you can easily change it to another sim by going to airtel store But if your Airtel Number is not related to your Aadhaar, then it becomes very difficult to get it again because nowadays no SIM will not be able to activate without a group.

If you want to ask by calling airtel customer care, then from there you will not even know in whose name this airtel number is. So there is no need to think much, if you have your Airtel Number, then you can get complete information about it, let’s know about it step by step.

In whose name is my Airtel number Owner registered?

If you have a sim, then you can easily extract complete information about any sim part, but for this you must have that sim card because there is OTP verification, without OTP verification, you do not have any information about that sim. be able to get

1. Download Airtel Thanks App

First of all, you have to go to Google Play Store on your smartphone. Airtel Thanks App Search and download it. Once downloaded, open it and let’s go click above airtel thanks app will ask for some permissions, permissions have to be removed.

2.Send OTP by entering Airtel number

When your airtel thanks app is downloaded, enter your airtel number and Click on Send OTP Do it

3.Verify Airtel Number OTP

Now an OTP will come on your airtel number. Verify by entering OTP Have to do

4.Go to More Options

Whenever you get verified, the home page of airtel comes in front of you, in the bottom right side you will find More A button will appear, click on it.

5. At the top you can see the name of Airtel Number

As soon as you go to the option with Peacock, you will get Airtel Number at the top in whose name You will be able to see and many options will be seen below that.

I hope that you have understood this information of our friends or the process is very easy, you should have Airtel Thanks App which is the official application of Airtel in your mobile.

The option of Airtel Money Airtel Payment Bank is also given on two recharge bills, all Airtel users must download My Airtel, Airtel Thanks App once and see, in which you will get complete details of your Airtel Number, which plan is active in Airtel. A can also see. You can also see when your plan will end in Airtel.

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