How to Call Forwarding in Keypad Phone

Keypad Phone Call Forwarding Activate-If you want to transfer to another number in Keypad Phone, you want to do call forwarding. In keypad mobile phone if you want to divert or transfer calls to any other number then this information is for you. you samsung high call nokia in any phone Call Forward Can do very easily but how is the call forward done.

If you do not know about this, then there is no need to worry, we will tell you step by step here how to activate Call Forward in Keypad Mobile.


It is very easy to forward call to another number by keypad mobile. Almost all phones Samsung, Nokia itel, iCall, Lava all keypad phones have the setting of call forward, call divert, call waiting and call barring, so let us know step by step how to forward call in keypad phone .

how to do call forwarding in keypad phone

What is Call Forward or Call Divert?

Call forward would have mean diverting the phone call to another number. If you have 2 mobile phones. If you want to transfer the call of your first phone to another number, then you can choose the option of call forwarding. Call forward You can do this in four ways when you are busy or if there is no network in the number, which we will know below.

Types of Call Forwarding

In keypad phone you can forward call in 4 ways.

  1. Always-If you want to transfer all the calls of your phone number to any other number always, then you have to select the option of Always.
  2. If busy-If you are thinking that when your number is busy and any call comes on your number, then it is forwarded to another number i.e. to which you want to transfer the call, then for this, put the call forward with the option of if busy
  3. If no reply– If the call is transferred to another number when there is no reply to the call, then forward the call with the option of If No Reply.
  4. If out of Reach-If you are thinking that whenever there is no network in your number, then your call is transferred to another number, then for this call forward should be applied with the option of If out of reach.

All these four options of Call Forwarding Activate are also given in all keypad phones and smartphones, so before applying that call forward, you have to understand all these options. Only then have to activate call forwarding.

How to Forward Call in Keypad Phone

  1. First of all you need to use your keypad phone Menu have to go in
  2. menu for you Setting You have to go to that app.
  3. We get many options in the setting. you Application Click on the option.
  4. Under the application option you will find Call You will get the option to click on it.
  5. After clicking on call option you will get voice call Go to option.
  6. Like clicking on the option of voice call. in front of you Call Forwarding The option is available, you have to click on the call forward option.
  7. Now as soon as you click on the option of call forwarding, in front of you Call Forward If all the options will be visible, then we have told you about all these options above, choose the option as per your requirement.
  8. After that you have to go to the option in the status in front of you Deactivate The option of will appear by clicking on it Activate To do.
  9. After that Divert to In your number Enter the number to which you want to divert / forward the call.
  10. After that click on the option button Activate You will get the option to activate it by clicking on it.

So you can activate Call Forward in this way in Keypad, Samsung Phone, Lava Phone, Itel phone and Nokia phone or any Keypad Mobile. If you have any kind of problem, you can ask us by commenting below.

Keypad Phone Call Forwarding USSD Code

You can also divert keypad phone calls to another number with a USSD code. For this, all the telecom company Call Forward USSD Codes are different, the less company whose SIM card you are using. Call Forwarding usse Code of that company has to be used.

We have told ussd code call forward usd code of all companies, you can see Call divert / Transfer code by visiting the link of our article above and use them in Call Forwarding.

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