Buy Free Web hosting Good or Bad-Diffrent between Free and Paid Web hosting?

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So today we are going to talk. About web hosting Can you get free web hosting Well the short answer to that question is. Yes but the long answer is really no. If you are trying to build a WordPress website then you must be aware that doing so requires posting to a web hosting server.

On which the files of your website reside. That’s why when someone uses type your domain name in their browser. So the website files are accessed on the server and sent back to the user.


There are a lot of affordable web hosting options like Namecheap and Dreamhost but what if you want to launch your website using completely free web hosting, then WordPress itself is 100% free except for the cost of your domain name and there are many free plugins too. If you want to get free web hosting and want to create a website for just 1 year of domain name cost, then I did a lot of searching and I am going to tell you about some selected hosting.

Use free web hosting or not Free Web Hosting

Let’s talk about 000webhost, it is a free web hosting. Probably one of the most popular free hosting. 000webhost which is a Hostinger company offers you hosting for free with 300 megabytes of disk space and 3GB of bandwidth per image. I mean you can actually setup WordPress with only 300MB of space. Well i tried to install wordpress and i was unable to install it using Build in Tool which triple zero posting provides you and another option was to setup wordpress manually which i didn’t do earlier.

In today’s world of automation, WordPress allows styling every system easily with a single click. So it was a bit difficult for me. And it was free so I can’t really complain. Unfortunately although my attempt to manually install WordPress failed I couldn’t get wordpress to connect to the database so I had to leave this website. Free Web Hosting

Now we are going to talk about the other free web hosting website name of this website is I thought that here I will open an account in a free website and I signed up for the account and email for verification -I also added my mail but I did not receive any verification email to verify the email address, I tried a lot, still my account failed to be created here and I thought it appropriate to leave this website. Free Web Hosting

Next we are going to talk about the next website of free web hosting which is named I believed here that I would definitely get a free web hosting by the name of this website.

Created my account on website and login and sent it for email verification In this my email got verified and I wanted to create an account and I was sent a password to log in to cpanel and I liked its service and I also added the password except in this script that installed wordpress.

Here my username and password were not set I gave it so I was unable to login to my website I clicked on reset password button and waited patiently for reset password email which didn’t come.

But suddenly I have received confirmation mail from previous host that’s why I clicked on it set up my account and got access to cpanel and setup wordpress and everything was fine. And I am sharing the post with you with hope. From here you have created a fully functional WordPress website posted completely free of charge.

So yes it is possible to get free web hosting but you don’t want free web hosting. Free hosting website cannot be trusted to repair any mistake in this your website may also be ruined.

That is why you have not been in the circle of any free hosting, if there is any mistake in free hosting, then your website can be completely crashed. There are many websites offering cheap rates on the Internet, which give their hosting and there is also Badia response. You can buy less expensive hosting where you can manage your website.


In this information, we told you about free hosting, about some hosting company providing free hosting. If you believe me, you should not fall in the trap of free hosting. Manage your website by taking any cheap hosting company that has a good rating and gradually upgrade the hosting because you will not be able to do any work in the blog for free.

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