BSNL UPC Code- How To Get BSNL Number UPC Code?

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Whenever we have to port our Bsnl Mobile Number from company to other telecom companies then we need Bsnl UPC Code. The UPC code is also known as MNP code or MNP port number.

So in today’s information we are going to talk about how you will generate your Bsnl UPC Code, so that you can port your mobile number to switch from one company to another.


if you bsnl number will be using. So you must have knowledge about the UPC code. If you do not know, then no problem, we will give complete information about UPC in this information.

For porting MNP in BSNL, one has to get the UPC code. If you can easily port your BSNL number to any telecom company, then for that you have to request for UPC code from your BSNL number itself. Only through which MNP will be able to do porting.

What is bsnl UPC code, how to get UPC code of Jio number?

What is Bsnl UPC Code?

Bsnl UPC Code (Unquie Porting Code) is a code. Which is to port (transfer) one telecom company’s SIM card to another telecom company’s SIM card.

Example- Like if you are using sim number of BSNL. And you want to go to any other telecom service like BSNL, BSNL, BSNL so that your mobile number remains the same, only you have changed the telecom company.

So you will request for Bsnl UPC Code from your BSNL number through SMS or Call. After which UPC on your BSNL number MNP Code is received by SMS. After which you can easily transfer to any other SIM network (Bsnl, Bsnl, Bsnl, or BSNL).

What is UPC Full Form?

The full form of Upc code is, UNQUIE PORTING CODE G has a secret code. And this code is for doing MNP (mobile number portability). Next we will know about what is the UPC code and how to get the UPC of any SIM.

How to get UPC code of Bsnl number?

It is very easy to get the UPC code of BSNL SIM card. All you have to do is to follow the steps given below from your BSNL mobile number. After which you will get the UPC code.

1) Generate Bsnl Sim UPC code by SMS?

If you want to get the UPC code of your SIM by just sending a message, then for that you have to do an SMS from your mobile number, you can see about it below.

  • First of all, you have to open the Message App of your mobile from where SMS is sent. And in Text Massage. PORT Enter Mobile Number “Writing” 1900 “But have to send it. Example– PORT 9100000000 Send To 1900
  • After the message is sent, after a few seconds or minutes, a message is received in which you get the UPC code.
  • After receiving the UPC code, you can now port your SIM card to any other company’s net network.

Note- Bsnl UPC code is valid for 7 days. You have to get the SIM port done within these 7 days.

2) Get Bsnl Sim Upc Code by calling?

You can also get the Bsnl UPC Code by calling, for that you have to call 198 from your number and choose the option to talk to the customer care and get the UPC code of your number by talking to the customer care.

Note- You will be able to remove Bsnl UPC Code only when there is facility of SMS Plan or Call Recharge Plan on your mobile number. So SMS plan and call plan should be active on your number. So that request for UPC code can be given.

3) How to get Bsnl upc code if mobile number is lost or there is no SIM network?

If your SIM card is lost or the SIM is not getting network due to which you are not able to make messages or calls from your number, then whatever SIM card you are using to get Bsnl UPC Code. You can get the UPC code by visiting the nearest telecom service or nearest retailer of that company.

If Bsnl UPC Code is not received by all these methods, then you can get the UPC Code of your SIM number by visiting the nearest BSNL Telecom Center.

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