BSNL SMS Not Send (Bsnl Outgoing and Incoming Sms Error)?

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BSNL SMS Not Send- Are you unable to send and receive your BSNL Sms If you are not able to send or receive any message anywhere through your BSNL sim then what could be the reason and how to fix it. Today we are going to tell you about this information in this topic.


If you have Paras Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited i.e. BSNL mobile network and you are facing problems like not able to send messages from BSNL then it is getting failure to send and receive messages then what could be the reason for that We are going to mention you below and this can apply to both postpaid and prepaid.

Reasons for not sending and receiving SMS in BSNL

There can be many reasons for not receiving and sending SMS by BSNL. BSNL Customers It is best to talk to

BSNL SMS Not Send (Bsnl Outgoing and Incoming Sms Error)

Reason.1 If you have just got a new bsnl sim then you will not be able to send sms from bsnl for 24 hours like if you have updated bsnl sim from 3G to 4G it may apply or you lost your mobile even if you have taken new sim If it is on another network MNP, you will have to wait 24 hours for sending and receiving messages.

Reason.2 Due to having wrong message center number in your mobile message setting, you will not be able to send and receive messages anywhere, that’s why you have to update your mobile by entering the correct BSNL SMS center number first.

To know the SMS center number of BSNL, you can update it by getting the SMS center number of BSNL by visiting our other information in which we have given SMS center numbers of all networks like Vodafone Idea, BSNL, Airtel.

Reason.3 One of the reasons for not sending SMS by BSNL can also be that you have not sent SMS to any number for the last 6 months. One can request to activate the SMS service by talking to the helpline number.

Reason.4 One of the reasons why BSNL SMS cannot be sent can be that you have put the mobile network in manual mode network.

Reason.5 Once your BSNL number is on 4G/LTE network try changing it to 3G or 2G and restart the phone and try sending SMS.

Reason.6 One of the reasons for not able to send BSNL SMS can also be that you have not corrected the time and date in your mobile. If your date and time is wrong then BS mobile network will not be able to send SMS.

Reasons for not receiving BSNL SMS (Why Unable To Receive SMS in BSNL sim card)

Reason.1 If there is a new BSNL SIM card then it takes up to 24 hours, only after 24 hours you will be able to receive SMS service.

Reason.2 DND If you have enabled DND service on your BSNL mobile network then deactivate it can be one of the reasons why you are not receiving messages in BSNL.

Reason.3 Even if the storage space of your mobile ie phone memory is full, you will not be able to get it together.

In this way, you have learned about this information, what are the reasons for not having BSNL SMS Send and Receive, if you also have to ask any question related to this information, then you can ask them by commenting below.

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