Branded Vs Generic Drugs-What is the difference between Branded and Generic medicine?

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Branded vs Generic Drugs- Hello friends welcome to blog Today in this information we will know what is Branded Medicine. What is Generic Medicine?

What is the difference between branded medicine and generic medicine and what is the difference in dosage of both. And why is there so much difference in the price of both. Generic medicine is cheaper and which of the two is better. We will know about this in full detail.


It has been seen in many reports that generic medicine is less effective. Compared to brand medicine. That’s why doctors prescribe brand medicine only. It has not been confirmed as of now.

Friends, all of you must have heard about generic medicines, if you have heard, then you must also know that generic medicine is much cheaper than brand medicine. But there is a lot of confusion in the minds of people that what is the difference between generic medicines and brand medicines. Why are these generic medicines so cheap, is there a difference in the quality of generic medicine and brand medicine?

All medicine is a kind of chemical/salt. After research, it is made for different diseases. For example, paracetamol is a chemical salt which is used for headache, fever. But if a company sells it under the same name as Paracetamol, then it will be called generic medicine. But when a medicine is sold under a brand name like Crocin, it is called a branded medicine.

What is Brand Medicine?

When a pharma company invents a new medicine salt and gets it patented. And when that salt is sent under its brand name, then that medicine is called brand medicine. The company patents the drug for 20 years.

Because when a company patents a drug, it gets this right. If that medicine can be sold under its own name, then the company gives a brand name of its own to Salt. So we call it Prana Medicine like Crocin, Dolo, Paracip etc.

As long as a pharmaceutical company has a patent registered, no other company can research and manufacture about that drug. Only a patented company can do that drug. and can sell. And when the patent of that drug expires, then any company can make and sell that drug.

What is Generic Medicine?

When a company runs the innovated company with the right to sell it on some loyalty only in the name of salt. So that medicine is called generic medicine.

Any answer When a drug is waiting for some other pharmaceutical company, it pays some loyalty. And which is an innovative company. If she gives him the right to sell that drug, then that company sends the drug in the name of salt, which is called generic medicine.

Difference Between Branded vs Generic Medicine

Friends, there is not much difference between burning and brand medicine. Nevertheless, let us know what are the differences between them.

Both generic and brand medicine differ only in price, name, colour, texture and packaging, but both contain the same chemical salts. And the dosage quantity, quality, side effects are also normal. And both the medicines have to go through the same standard protocol.

Why Brand Drugs price too High

The pharma company which researches and prepares the drug, it takes a lot of money, power to research and research, and it takes money to get a patent. Marketing also costs money, so brand medicine becomes expensive.

Why Generic Medicines Are Cheaper?

But the generic medicine that is made with salt, because it gets ready-made salt. So it does not cost much. Generic medicine only takes money to manufacture, hence it is cheaper.

It has been seen in many reports that generic drugs have been seen to be somewhat less effective and of low quality.

Where can I get generic medicine?

Friends, you can get generic medicine from Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Kendra which is a scheme started by the Prime Minister. Where you will get all generic medicines at low prices.

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