Blood Sample Collection For Test (Syringe Method)?

Blood Sample Collections – In this information today we are going to tell how to collect blood sample of patients for lab test. If you a Lab Technician and you want complete information about taking blood sample for the test, then you do not need to go anywhere, you just have to read our information carefully. In this post, you can easily do a blood sample of any patient through Syringe.


If you are a Freshar, there is no need to worry, it is very simple, you just have to be a little confident.

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What is Phlebotomy

The process of taking a patient’s blood sample for lab test is called phlebotomy. The process in which blood is collected by injecting the needle inside the vein. And the person who does this process is called Phlebotomist.

Requirement for Blood collection

What are the requirements for taking a blood sample, for that all the names of the requirements are being given below, which will be useful for you to collect blood.

  • Syringe
  • Test tube
  • Spirit
  • Cotton
  • Tourniquet

How to Collection Blood Sample for Test

Before taking a blood sample, you have to pay attention to some things, 1st you have to keep the above mentioned requirement with you. And now you have to pay attention. Which is the test requirement.

Accordingly, you will have to take a test tube. And according to how much ml blood is to be taken, the syringe has to be selected.

How to do blood collection

Step.1 Patient Identification– 1st you have to identify the patient. Name, Date Of Birth all have to be noted. The need for this identification is used to add to the test report.

Step.2 Now you have to decide this. That’s how much blood you have to collect. What is the test for that, you have to check it. And looking at the same test list, you have to take Test Tube,

Step.3 Next you have to fix Needle in Syringe. And definitely check the Airpas of Syringe once.

Step.4 Apply Tourniquet- Now you have to tie the tourniquet in the hand of the patient. For this, the tourniquet has to be tied tight just above the elbow joint. And tell the patient to close the fist, after which the blood comes up in the veins and intoxication becomes bloated and it becomes easy to take blood.


Step.5 Now you have to clean the skin there by taking blood in the sprit cotton from which you want to take blood.


Step.6 Now the Vien in which the needle is to be injected, keep this Vien pressed with the thumb of the left hand so that there is no slip in injecting the needle, now take the Syringe and inject the Needle into the Veins. When blood comes in the syringe, now loosen the tourniquet tied above and ask the patient to open the fist. And now collect it in the Blood Syringe as per the requirement.


Step.7 After taking the blood, slowly take out the Syringe by pulling it back and keep it pressed with the left hand on the cotton with Spirit where the Needle was injected.

Step.8 Now take out the tourniquet and raise the patient hand and ask to bend it for a while. Now you have taken a sample of blood in the syringe.

After this, remove the needle from the syringe and destroy the needle, and put the blood sample in the test tube and you can also write the name and age of the patient on the test tube. Keep the test tube after lightly sacking.

This is the step of collecting your blood. Now this blood has to be tested by using it according to the given test.

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I Hope that you have understood this information, if you have any query related to this information, then you can ask by commenting. Thank you!

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