Adani Wilmar IPO Price, Listing Date, Allotment Details

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Adani Wilmar IPO- Today we are going to talk about a new IPO of IPO, which is going to be launched recently, whose name is Adani Wilmar Limited, so should we invest in this IPO or not. What are its fundamentals, what does this company do, we will know full information in this article.

The company is one of the few large FMCG food companies in India offering most of the essential kitchen items including edible oil, wheat flour, rice, pulses and sugar to the Indian consumers.

Essential commodities, such as edible oil, wheat flour, rice, pulses and sugar, account for about 66% of the expenditure on essential kitchen items in India. It offers a wide variety of staples such as wheat flour, rice, pulses and sugar.

Its products are offered under a wide variety of brands across a wide price spectrum and cater to different customer groups. It had 5,566 distributors as of March 31, 2021.

Its distributors are located in 28 states and eight union territories across India, catering to over 1.6 million retail outlets.

Adani Wilmar IPO Details

Friends, the details of Adani Wilmar IPO are out, should we invest in this IPO or not, you can get complete information about it. How long will this IPO be open, that is, when we can invest in it, we will know about it.

About Adani Wilmar Limited

This company is ranked number one in ROCP eligible oil, it ranks on top ten in consumer and FMCG companies across India and this company is one of the major crude oil companies and its products are used in 19 million households.

Adani Wilmar IPO Date,Listing Price, Allot

The IPO of Adani Wilmar Limited Company will open on 27 January 2022 and it will close on 31 January 2022. The Bid Quantity of Adani Wilmar IPO is 65. In which the price of an IPO has been kept from ₹ 218 to ₹ 230. And if we talk about minimum investment, at least how much you can invest in it, then you can invest at least ₹ 14170. In which you will get the quantity of 65 shares.

  • Open date-27-Jan-2022
  • closing date-31-jan-2022
  • Price Range-₹218-230
  • Minimum investment(Bid Rate)-₹14170
  • Minimum Quantity (Bid Quantity)-65 Quantity
  • Listing in– BSE AND NSE
  • Application Timing-10AM to 5PM

Adani Wilmar Limited is a food company, whose IPO will be launched on January 27. To invest in Adani Wilmar IPO, you must have at least ₹ 14170.

  • Basic Allotment date-3 Feb 2022
  • Initiation of refund– 4 Feb 2022
  • Credit share in Demat Account-7 Feb 202w
  • IPO Listing Date– 8 February 2022

Adani Wilmar Company Functions

Essential kitchen food items like Edible Oil Wheat Flour Rice Cinnamon are provided in India by Adani Wilmar Company. Adani Wilmar Limited is one such company of this Adani Group company. Whose products are located in 28 states and 8 union territories in India. Which are found in over 1.6 million retail outlets.

Adani Wilmar Company Growth and Revenue

Total Assets
  • 31 March 2020-117859.17 Million
  • 31 March 2021-133266.39 Million
  • 30 September 2021-179,237.07 Million
Total Revenue
  • 31 March 2020-297,669.86 million
  • 31 March 2021-371,956.58 Million
  • 30 September 2021-249,572.86 million
Profit after tax
  • 31 March 2020-4608.72 million
  • 31 March 2021-7276.49 million
  • 30 September 2021-3571.33 million

To invest or not to invest in Adani Wilmar IPO

If we talk about Adani Wilmar Products, then Adani Wilmar is second in the business of soya chunks. And at the same time if we talk about wheat floor, then it is second in the whole market. And talk about Basmati Rice Products.

So it is at number three in the whole of India. So before investing in any IPO, it is very important for us to understand the function and market value of that IPO. And it is very important to know what can be the growth of the company in the coming time.

However, if we talk about the company, then this company will not make a loss. The biggest growth of this company comes from edible oil which gives 65% market cap license of Adani Wilmar. It has a market Capitalisation of 11% in the food and FMCG sector and 31% in the industry essentials.

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