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If you want to download your Aadhaar card, even then you can download your Aadhaar card sitting at home by showing your face.

By showing your face, for which you have to go to the UIDAI website and enter your aadhaar number, after that you have to bring it in front of the face camera to download, after that after face recognition your aadhar download option will come without any mobile number.


Download Aadhaar Card with showing your face without any mobile number, you can easily download your Aadhar Card.

You get both the options at night, either you download the Aadhaar card as soon as you wake up the mobile number or you can download the Aadhar card by recognising your face.

Download Aadhaar With Face Recognise?

The facility of downloading Aadhaar card by face was not given earlier, recently it has been updated under UIDAI, you can download your Aadhar card by showing your face in it. So let’s hear how to download Aadhar card by showing face.

Download aadhaar card by showing face

Step.1 To download Aadhaar card through Face Authentication, you have to go to the download website of uidai which is the official website of UIDAI. You can go to our direct Aadhaar download option on the link given below.

Face Aadhar download

Step.2 After opening the link given above, you will come to the Aadhaar download page where you have to enter your Aadhar number and fill the captcha code given below it correctly and click on the face button.

Step.3 After clicking on Face Auth, you will get the instructions, if you are in dark then you have to go to the right light place like your face is clear and you have to set the camera permission in your browser.

This will allow it to recognise your photo from the camera, after that you have to do it by clicking on the OK button given below.

Step.4 Now you have to show your photo properly in front of the camera which can recognise your face, after face capture a survey will come.

Step.5 After giving the survey, you have to click on Verify and Download given below. After which your Aadhar card will be downloaded.

After downloading the Aadhaar card, you have to open it. This is password protected in PDF, you need a password to open it. Let us know about the password of Aadhar card.

How to Open Downloaded Aadhaar Card Password?

Aadhaar card password will have the first four letters of your name, and the year has to be entered from your date of birth.

Like if your name is AJIT KUMAR and date of birth is 20/05/1995 then you will have to download Aadhar PDF PASSWORD AJIT1995


In this way you can download your aadhar card. I hope that you have understood this information about us to download Aadhaar card with Face Recognise.

What is E-Aadhaar

Aadhar card is called that which we download online. The full form of this would be Electronic Aadhaar similar to Original Aadhaar.

What is Mask Aadhaar?

Mask Aadhaar Card Option allows you to mask Number in Card downloaded with you.

Aadhaar Card downloaded online will be considered as Original Aadhar

Yes, you can consider electronic aadhaar as an original aadhaar card only, it is applicable under the rules of the government. That’s why you can put it anywhere as an original.

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