Aadhaar Card Download- Complete information to download Aadhar card

Aadhaar Card Download- How to download Aadhaar Card, in today’s tutorial we will talk about this topic. I told in my last post that aadhar status check How to do it, if you want information about your aadhaar card, then you can get that information.

aadhar card download
aadhar card download

Downloading Aadhar Card is very easy, you can download Aadhar Card online by following our step by step given below.

What is e-Aadhaar?

E-Aadhaar is a password protected electronic copy of Aadhaar which is digitally signed by an official of UIDAI.

Can e-Aadhaar be used everywhere?

Downloaded online from the internet that Aadhar card is a physical Aadhar card, you can use it everywhere, it is signed by Aadhar official, just like you use your Aadhar card everywhere as a document, do it too. can.

how to download aadhaar card online

Wherever you are, you can download Aadhar card online from the internet on reading the need of Aadhar card, just you have to follow some staff for this, you will get complete details below about how to download Aadhar card.

What is required to download aadhaar card online

There are 3 ways are given on the Aadhar portal to download e-Aadhaar online out of which the first is.

  1. download aadhar card by aadhaar number
  2. download aadhaar card by enrollment number
  3. download aadhaar card by virtual id number

1. How to Download Aadhaar Card by Enrollment Number

If you do not have aadhar number, you can download the aadhar card by enrollment number, for that you must have 28 digit enrollment id

  • Now you have to enter your 28 digit enrollment number and enter the security code given below.
  • After entering the security code, you have to click on send OTP, after that an OTP will come on the mobile number registered from your Aadhaar, that OTP has to be entered.
  • After entering the Aadhar OTP, your Aadhar Card is downloaded, you can see the status of the download in your mobile phone.

Password is protected on Online Aadhaar Card Download, to know what is the password of Aadhaar, you have to go to our article below, there we have told about the password of Aadhaar card, what is the password of Aadhaar, you can see below this information. Huh.

2. Downloading Aadhar Card by Aadhar Number

Let us now know what is the other way to download Aadhaar Card.

Downloading Aadhar Card from Aadhar Card Number is also very easy, if your Aadhar Card is lost then you can download Aadhar Card from here and get Original Aadhar Card.

  • First of all you need official portal on to go. On the official portal, you will get a page like the image given below.
  • Now you can see that you have to enter your Aadhar number from yourself.
  • Enter the security code given below and click on send OTP.
  • Now you will also have to vote on your registered mobile number and submit it by entering the OTP, after that your Aadhar card is downloaded.

Aadhar card downloaded from online internet has a password, to know that password, follow this given below voice.

What is download aadhar card password, how to know?

Earlier, the password of PIN used to be attached on electronic basis, but in the new update, changes have been made through Aadhaar, which we are going to tell you here.

Below you can see in the image what will be the password of your Aadhaar given in it.

New aadhar card download open password.
Aadhaar Card Download

Example 1-2-3 can be seen in the image.

Example.1- If you name Suresh Kumar If so, first you have to enter the chart number of your name, after that you have to enter your birth year, then your password SURE1990 would be like this

Example.2- If Aadhar Name Agar Aapka Aadhar Name jaise Sai Kumar and your birth year is 1990 then your aadhar password SAIK1990 Will happen

Example.3 if your name in aadhar card P.kumar then your password will be P.KU1990

Example.4 If your name in your aadhar card has only 3 words like RIA and birth year is 1990 then your aadhar pdf password RIA1990 Will happen.

NoteIn the password, the first 4 digits of your name will be good, after that your birth partner will have 4 digits. Like if the name is ABCD and berth air is 1990 then ABCD1990 Password will be there.

Final word- then In today’s tutorial, we are going to know about Aadhaar Card Download and e-Aadhaar Password, if you have liked our information, then definitely give your feedback by commenting.

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