2 Time Period in 1 month Causes and Treatment?

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Do you get 2 time period in 1 month? Or if you are having period 2 or more times in 1 month, then in today’s information we are going to talk about what can be the reasons for having period two or more times in 1 month and what is its treatment. I will know in full detail.

Periods come every month, but if there is any disturbance in menstruation, there are many reasons for this, due to which if there is a change in them, then your period cycle can be disturbed.


There are many patients who have just got their period and after four to five days of being free, bleeding starts again. Women suddenly get nervous that why am I not having any serious problem due to which I am getting period two or more times in 1 month. If this is happening to you too.

What are the reasons for having 2 time period in 1 month?

You must know that what can be the reasons for having period 2 time period in 1 month. And if you are also facing such problem then how to deal with it. You should immediately visit a gynecologist and take treatment of whatever diagnosis occurs.

Let us now know what can be the reasons for having two or more periods in 1 month.

1.Contraceptive Pill

If you have been taking any conductive pill for a long time, if you are taking a high dose of it or you have skipped it in between, it can also cause your period to come twice a month. As you will know that you have to take oral contraceptive pill for 1 day, which you have to eat every day for 21 days, if you stop the medicine due to any reason (allergy or vomiting) in between then this problem can happen.

2.Fibroid in Uterus

Another reason could be that you have a fibroid lump in your uterus. Due to fibroids, lumps are formed in the uterus, due to which you can also have frequent erections and bleeding may occur two or three times a month. Any woman who has fibroids also has some symptoms, there is pain in the abdomen, swelling is there, it is detected by ultrasound.

3.Hormones imbalance

The third main reason for having periods two or more times in a month is due to changes in hormones, if your hormones are changing ie your thyroid hormone, other hormone levels have increased or decreased, due to which also Periods can come 2 times in 1 month.

If the amount of prolactin hormone in your body has increased, in such a condition your periods may come again and again in a month.


Many times this happens even in the problem of menopause, you must have heard that women can have menopause anytime after 40, although women stop having periods above the normal 45 years, then it is called Menopause Condition. Periods start coming early and after a few months, women’s periods stop coming.

5.PCOD/PCOS Problem

Ovarian These are the female reproductive organs that regulate the menstrual cycle and the production of hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, inhibin, relaxin, etc. If there is any kind of infection in it, then there may be problem of getting period twice in 1 month.

6.Bad lifestyle

Poor lifestyle means waking up very late at night, sleeping till late in the morning, doing wrong exercises or eating more junk food, then some such bad habits can also lead to periods more than once in a month.

What to do if 2 time period in 1 month?

Whenever you get period twice a month, first of all you have to see the nearest gynaecology doctor. Doctor in your ultrasound and blood test CBC, Thyroid Test and other tests will be done and see where the problem is happening due to which.

If you also get ultrasound normal and the blood reports are also normal, then in such a situation the doctor can prescribe you the medicines of hormones. Along with this, the doctor can also prescribe you a uterine tonic like M2 tone, Levotone, there are many uterine tonics that make the uterus strong, if there is an infection in the uterus, it cures the problem to a great extent.

After this, you can also prescribe some antibiotics, if there is pain, you can also give pain killers and can also give medicines for gas.

If such a problem is happening again and again, then you have to consult a doctor and at the same time you have to keep abstinence, do not eat such things, whose building increases more like

  • You don’t have to eat junk food.
  • Do not eat Pineapple, Papaya.
  • Do not drink turmeric milk.
  • Eat more green vegetables.

Do not eat it, so that the heat in the body increases, if the heat in your body increases, it can make your periods faster, then there can be more problems, along with this you do not have to eat more gas-producing food.

After consulting with your doctor, you can also do some exercise, whatever the doctor recommends to you, you have to do that exercise and the medicines that will be prescribed by the doctor are also to be eaten. Have to drink more water, have a healthy diet, it will be fine to eat green leafy vegetables.

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